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by Starry

Apr 19 2021

The Singtel company is one of the leading companies in Singapore that is providing the best communication services to its customers. The company has a total of 91 Singtel stores in Singapore. Singtel was founded in 1879 and now it has 640 million subscribers, which is indicative of how the brand has managed to gain credibility in Singapore.

This article is going to help you find everything about the impeccable services throughout the range of products like Mobile, TV, Broadband, Lifestyle and devices/gadgets related services available at Singtel Stores Near Me. Don’t let anything stop you from getting good communication services that will connect you with not just your family and friends but with the entire world.

The Proficient Connectivity In All The Feilds

Singtel is one of the most leading organizations in Singapore dealing with communication services across a range of exclusive communication-related services throughout Singapore. The company has completely captured the Singaporean market, thanks to its ever-growing expansion of stores in the territory. Moreover, the customers across different regions in the world can search “Singtel Stores Near Me” and get their connectivity issues resolved. The company has spread across various continents including Asia, Africa and Australia with a client base of 500 million users in 25 countries. Its vast network is pacing over the United States, Europe & Asia Pacific.  

You can simply type “Singtel Store near me” and you are there. No matter what communication-related trouble you are facing, a sing;e visit to any of the store will solve all your data and voice solutions across varied platforms including wireless, broadband and any other internet-based platform. Users can further resolve their issues including TV-related packages and other Infocomm technology aspects. 

How Singtel Built Its Media Portfolio? 

The company started to expand its portfolio in the media industry in the year 2003. In a few years, they grabbed a core status in the media content provision industry, that designed the layout of its services available across Singapore. Singtel started to expand its services starting from television, advertising, digital content markets and further advertising and web applications.

The content strategy highly focused on Television and further gained rights for English Premier Football League from Singapore.  With the growing pace of the mobile industry, Singtel found its high composition in info-communications and soon it became the leaders in the Asia Pacific market. The company’s portfolio expanded over the years with its growing expansion in international investments.  

What To Know Before Heading With “Singtel Stores Near Me”?

A Singtel store near me is equipped with extensive offerings that are further classified into sections including Mobile, Broadband, TV, Devices & Gadgets & Lifestyle & Insurance.

  1. Mobile Offerings: With Singtel Store Near Me, you will have the option to explore a wide range of mobile packs with extensive connectivity and services. You can easily choose from different package options including postpaid plans, pre-paid plans, post-paid add-ons, roaming, 5G plans and a wide range of immersive entertainment. Furthermore, you can buy the desired phone from leading mobile brands including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Realme and Vivo. Their mobile offerings also include the perfect range of accessories including speakers, air pods and consoles etc.
  • Broadband: The Singtel stores near me, you can add an uninterrupted connection of internet from a varied range of offerings. Their extensive broadband connections have a feature of high speed up to 10 GBPS along with an amazing experience guarantee. Furthermore, you can inculcate a smooth installation service as the company ensures inclusive installation along with maintenance. Their broadband offerings include broadband plans,  Wi-Fi 6, broadband add-on, WiFi mesh, Singtel Circle, Microsoft 365, Lifestyle products along Smart Home Solutions.
  • TV: The television offerings allow you to enjoy exceptional entertainment through endless HD TV channels and packages. With a collection of highly diverse channels, there are numerous options to choose from. Their television packs include Starter Packs, Trio packs, Value packs and ultimate packs. You can further opt for add-ons as per your choice. The TV services include channels, packs, TV Guides, Video on Demand and a DVR set-top box. To get any of these, all you have to do is simply type “Singtel Stores Near Me” and you are good to go.
  • Devices & Gadgets: Are you willing to get some of the most advanced and exciting gadgets? Well, Singtel Store Near Me would found you exclusive gadgets including accessories like air-pods, watches, dashcam, keyboards and much more. Further, you can buy phones, tablets, smart home devices at amazing deals and installment plans.
  •  Lifestyle & Services: Singtel offers the most diverse services including insurance and various services through My Singtel App. For these services, you don’t have to go to the store, these can be availed through online applications as well.

Get the best communications solutions along with a range of highly extensive gadgets at Singtel. You don’t have to worry if you have any issues regarding payment, you can simply use the Atome payment solutions to complete your deals at Singtel Store Near Me. They will allow you to make payments without actually paying. You can repay the money in 4 instalments after the purchase that too without any interest. Isn’t that cool? Of course, it is. So, get your hands on the best internet and mobile packages with Singtel through Atome.

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