Best Bicycles with Mighty Velo Singapore

by Starry

Jul 20 2021

Cycling is a pure way of fitness. It is a way of amusement as well as an exciting sport. The sport of cycling has been played around the world. Most people use bicycles for riding. In Fact, these are the people who care about the environment. Being cycle is the friend of nature, making advantages everywhere. First, it makes the person fit who rides it and 2nd the environment will be clean because of the no use of gasses. There are many advantages that you can get. A professional cycle and a cycle for children are available at the mighty Velo Singapore. They have high-quality imported bicycles. Look it out now. Just visit their official site. 

Regular physical activity is very hard for some people. When a person wants to fit himself, he tries different things. Probably most of the fitness exercises are very, and it requires much courage to do it daily. However, cycling is one of the only sports and fitness exercises that will never bore anyone. It is a total excitement when you ride it. Paddling may be hard, but you can cover a lot of distance and can do a lot of exercise in little time. The mighty Velo Singapore outlet has some of the best bicycles available. Each bicycle is perfectly qualified for traveling and sports. You will be delighted with their quality.

Cycling is one of the best fitness exercises that are completely reliable for both children and adults. Children start cycling from the very first moments. They never forget their first bicycle. Moreover, starting cycling from childhood is a great way to increase their health and fitness. Likewise for adults. Those people who care about their health use bicycles. They even go to work on bicycles. Countries in Europe pay extra for those who ride on bicycles for work. This is because of nature. Nature is so polluted because of the excessive usage of engine rides. Cycling keeps you fit and keeps the environment around you clean and sound. 

Types of Bicycles:

There are many types of bicycles. Each one is used for specific purposes. Understanding the types of bicycles is very important. The evolution of bicycles changes in a fast way. People have to understand it before buying it. We will identify some of the most used and important bicycles. Following are the types of bicycles. 

Road Bicycles:

Road Bicycles are the most used cycles. They can be easily identified by dropped or turndown handlebars. They are vastly used for personal uses. Road Bicycles are mostly available everywhere. They are mostly skinny in size and shape. Other bicycles are 

  • Mountain Bike
  • Touring bike
  • Folding Bike
  • Fixed Gear Bike
  • BMX

These are the most common types of bicycles. We often see these types of bicycles on roads. Each one of them is a highly prestigious cycle. Almost every bicycle type is for normal use. Some of them are also used for specific uses like mountain biking. The mountain bike is the best bike for mountain areas. It comprises big tires, which makes it easier to ride on a tight grip. 

Top Bicycles in Mighty Velo:

Following are the top-selling and high-quality bicycles in mighty velo. 

Reach GT:

The Reach GT will give you a quick and aggressive riding experience, especially on the roads. Walking long distances on this bike feels like a cool breeze rubbing your face. The solid and sturdy frame of the Reach GT is what we call a split bike, which you can split in three minutes with practice. It is a highly usable bike. They are weightless. You can easily lift it without any trouble, So if you want this type of bike, then this is the type for you. 

IF Move:

IFMove is a smooth, compact, and high-end folding bike. Developed by the Pacific Cycles design team, the Division Zero is the fastest-growing passenger bike on the market. Ideal for everyday passengers taking MRT or bus can be easily folded and folded and stored near you. In addition, it takes a small step due to its large compact size when folded.


The CarryAll tricycle is perfect for non-cyclists, active adults, young children, and those with special needs. It is a solid two-wheel-drive rear axle that helps it to balance itself and does not require the passenger’s assistance to do so. It provides a safe and comfortable ride and is best for rides on footpaths. Adults, as well as children, can ride it. It can also be called a work bike. You can do some laboring work as well with it. 

About Mighty Velo:

Mighty Velo is Bicycle and its alternative related outlet in Singapore. They have many amazing varieties of bicycles, including many of their alternatives. Mighty Velo Singapore has more than 15 years of experience in rolling bikes. Our folding bikes are packed, fast-rolled, portable, and carry public transport. You can easily wrap it up and fold it almost anywhere, be it a mall, a train station, or a bus stop.

Mighty Velo Singapore started a bicycle folding business back in 2006. Our first rolling bikes are from Strida. In 2007, we requested that recyclable bikes be approved for public transportation during a Department of Transport and International Transport Authorities (LTA) meeting. Our efforts paid off, and a six-month trial period was instituted. In 2008, the program was permanent.


MIghty velo Singapore has a vast variety and high-quality bicycles and its alternatives available. As we already described how cycling is the perfect sport for health. Only by cycling can you make your health completely perfect. Unfortunately, the cycling sport is now vanishing due to the use of engine rides. Likewise, most people prefer the easy way of doing things. To prevent and to change the course of it, Start riding a bike from today. If you are looking for a bicycle, then mighty velo Singapore is providing the best bicycles for the people of Singapore. You will be delighted with their service and quality. 

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