Be Beautiful Every Day with Issey Miyake Pleated Top

by Starry

Sep 14 2021

Pleate is in fashion these days. Many ladies prefer to wear a pleated top with a pleated mini skirt. Issey Miyake has a beautiful collection of pleated tops; the love for Issey Miyake’s pleats please tops is across the globe is uncountable. Especially in the market of Singapore, it is one of the most favorites of by the ladies. 

Issey Miyake is a Japanese brand that was founded by the famous Japanese Issey Miyake in the year 1970. 

At the time of launch, its name was Miyake Design Studio. The brand was launched by the designer on the concept of the SATOSHI Kondo,” A piece of clothing.” This concept showed an entirely new relationship between a piece of clothing and a person.  

In 1971, the brand extended as a subsidiary to design, stitch and sell clothes and other related accessories in the fashion industry. 

In 1973, the brand officially participated in the Paris Fashion Week. It shared with the world the designs of the future. All of the designs were created with the unconventional thinking of the founder, and these designs were said not to be witnessed before. Along with Myake, his staff is also dedicated to bringing up new and innovative designs in every catalog, from pleated tops to pleated skirts, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

Today the Issey Miyake is a designer, manufacturer, and wholesaler of ladies and men’s clothing & apparel, fashion items, and other accessories. It has 136 stores all across Japan and 134 stores across the globe. 

The brand philosophy is not only to simply design but also to innovate clothing lines with the power of imagination and creativity. The purpose is to make the people amazed with the unique designs.

Issey Miyake has clothing brands for both men and women both. The most famous ones are:

IM Men:

It shows cases the clothing pieces that make a connection between the modern life of a man and the desire to wear good. It offers the latest casual wear specially designed for its male customers. 

132 5. Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is the first brand that introduced the concept of 3D from 2D surfaces. The brand gave a new concept of 3D designs on the piece of clothing and evolutionary expressions. This revolution in clothing was loved by people. 

Pleat Please Issey Miyake:

This category of the brand introduces the designs of clothing from casual to formal that combines functionality, beauty, and comfort. This category has clothing that is designed with the garment pleating technique. The Pleated tops in this category are the most selling ones these days.

HOMME Plisse Issey Miyake:

This category has casual clothing for men to give them clothing to express themselves. The designs in this category are created with the technique of “garment pleating.” 

Me Issey Miyake:

This category of the world’s contemporary fashion band consists of designs that not only have vivid colors but also varicolored patterns that offer an impressive style to the person wearing it. The pleated top is stitched with lightweight, stretchy, and compact pleats—a perfect top for any occasion. 


It is the clothing category that is truly inspired by textiles and features the best of Japanese and Indian handcrafting for fashion. 

There are multiple online stores that also showcase the Issey Myake clothing products. If you are satisfied, you can purchase from there. The mode of order placement is your choice. However, the brand makes sure that whatever medium you choose, you receive the highest quality piece of clothing from the Myake. 

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Our verdict

Everyone wants to look up, dress well, and be in the limelight, either it is a workplace or a family or friends get-together. The desire to look good and different from others is natural. The unique patterns and vivid colors of Issey Myake make it one of the favorite fashion brands. The brand’s pleated top is highly loved by the women of the modern world who want to carry style and tradition both.

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