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by Starry

Sep 03 2021

Bratpack is a Singaporean store that offers brands providing lifestyle that perfectly suits our youth. It also provides individuality by offering you the best backpack brands.  Their concept of creating a lifestyle store was introduced by the Primer group of Companies. It is the chain that offers bags, footwear, accessories, clothing and much more according to young people. They have done partnerships with a number of brands including back joy, DFNS, Adidas, Harvest label, and many more backpack brands. Bratpack provides feasibility to all its customers by doing a partnership with ATOME.

Bratpack provides a variety of products including bags, bottles, footwear, and others to the younger generations who have an eye for design and the taste of adventure, targeting the high niche market including music lovers, fashion lovers, artists, and others who are a part of the “be seen” society. The brand creates a platform in which individuals with the same beliefs and interests are brought together.


Bratpack is quite famous for the amazing variety of bags it provides to its customers.

Timbuktu 2 rascal belt bag belonging to a famous backpack brand is a perfect partner for traveling. Whether you are going on a music event or a trip it can help you in holding phone, credit cards and other small items.  A front zip pocket will provide quick access to keys sunglasses and other things. They are available in a variety of shades.

Their famous Hersel Nova Mid-volume-Darth Vader is an elegant product providing many benefits. It offers zipped closures, dual top carrying handles, rain cover and even a pocket for carrying your water bottle. The parkland Highfield Small-Nebular Galaxy pouch was designed by keeping in mind the sustainability and style their customers look forward to. It is in an ideal cylindrical shape that will help you in keeping your school’s supplies, earphones, or chargers. This will keep your things organized wherever you go.

Bratpack also offers a beautiful hello kitty Nova Mid-volume in light pink color. This product has a relaxed structure and dual carrying handles. Similarly, it provides many more products from famous backpack brands.


Bratpack offers hydro flask flex bottles that have double-wall insulation that protects the temperature of the bottle in turn providing additional temperature control. Its stainless steel material will prevent the transfer of flavors or loss of taste of the drink. These bottles are also BPA free means that they will not alter the taste of your drink. Bratpack offers these bottles in a variety of colors.


Bratpack offer the best apparel for customers, such as the Herschel men packable wind in black is a graceful product. It is basically a long-sleeve polyester t-shirt made having ribbed collars and cuffs. It has branded finishes inside and outside and is quite comfortable to wear.

If you are looking for a comfortable light-colored t-shirt that can be easy to wear for you in the hot summer, Bratpack offers standard size cotton t-shirts that can be used as casual wear. You can pair them with your favorite jeans and can enjoy a hot summer day.


Bratpack provides the perfect pair of shoes that are according to current fashion trends. Their Tretorn Women Nylite sneaker possesses a signature design and has a flexible upper that is ultra-comfortable to wear. If you prefer a bold colorful look for your sneaker then you can purchase our Tretorn RawlinS10.  The materials used to make this footwear are environmentally friendly.

Why buy with ATOME?

You can enjoy your favorite products by purchasing them from bratpack. The brand has collaborated with ATOME to provide you with easy payment methods. ATOME ensures the quality of products as they work with the brands that offer customer satisfaction.  With the help of ATOME there is not only a great increase in the number of customers of Bratpack, but have raving fans of the products they are offering.

All you have to do is pay one installment of the full payment in the first month. ATOME divides your complete payment into three parts making the payment process easy for you. It does not have any minimum order requirement, in turn providing high-quality products at affordable prices.

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