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by Starry

Feb 23 2021

There is a great variety of things to buy in the bag of Singapore, for all the likes of children, parents, men, women, every denomination and demographic of people. A vibrant metropolis with fascinating tourism havens is what describes this Souvenirs city. Look for Singapore shopping tips to facilitate your shopping experience? Let’s face it; it is hard to decide what to buy when you have a world with so many choices with limited time & budget. In the array of traditional items, art, and culture sold for the pleasure of residents and numerous visitors, only the most tasteful experience products will suit the things you’re purchasing in Singapore.

Singapore has always been a high-tech city with top mobility initiatives so you can always locate her online at, buy from a local vendor (great time) or shop in one of the local malls or streets (download Atome app).

Most Well Guarded Secrets about Things to Buy In Singapore

Ya-Kun Kaya Spread

Every nation has its staple coconut meals but the Ya-Kun Kaya (coconut jam) it’s one of a kind when it comes to spreading it on the bread. This popular Singaporean morning meal comprises Kaya toast and softly boiled eggs. Its overwhelming success in tastes is the reason any visitor is going to purchase stuff in Singapore. The spread is very easy to use; and has been bought here for the longest time. I would say you can use it any time, any meal, just simply sprinkle some of it and you’re good to go! Even as its coffee is available in all Yakun stores in all the island areas, so is the Kaya, and with only $4.8SGD you can get the bottle for yourself and others.

Miniature Merlion Statue

If I may call it an unofficial anthem that helps in reflecting Singapore roots as its history of the fishing town as well as the source of Singapore’s initial name of Singapore. Singaporeans love everything about its petite Iconic symbol. Singapura is the lion city that takes the head part, whereas the lower part is the island’s source symbolizing a fishing zone. The must-have things to buy in Singapore souvenirs city are the miniatures of the giant Merlion which are sold at Merlion Park. It’s mostly popular among the tourists but if you can’t wait to get your hands on one, you can also pick them up at shopping malls, food courts, grocery stores, and even public parks. Prices range is from S$2 to S$7, and S30.

Asian Artefacts

You cannot come out of the pool of Asia, without being wet with Asian artifacts. Identifying the forms of art, objects, and idols of the various Asian decals on your list of products to be acquired in Singapore should be the stylized antique pieces. Asian antiques might be worth a fortune since they are an amazing find and can be used as an inspiration to your next home decor project. China town is the place to buy; Holland Village or the Tanglin Shopping Centre. Prices may vary depending on the type, size, and quality.


On the last day of your trip to Singapore, the best start-up gift on the things to buy in Singapore for your friends and family is the Bak-Kwa. These slightly sweet, sticky barbecued meatballs/pork are Singapore’s best-kept secret on the table. Often sold at a back-alley vendor with a tough reputation, that makes it’s to be sold at every Chinese New Year. Thanks to the Chinese immigrants who brought it to Singapore but somehow Bak-Kwa gets you there every time. Price starts at SGD45 as per Kg. You can purchase this stuff at The Fragrance Foodstuff stores and Lim Chee Guan Stores.

Products of Tiger Balm

A product that stands the history of times, the Tiger balm was sourced from the Chinese court of emperors. The Tiger’s business was later introduced by a Chinese herbalist to Singapore as a result of its widespread news of soothing your pain away and miraculous healing effects. If you ever had any issues with your muscles, then this product is the item to be obtained in Singapore for yourself. It comes with an assortment of gel, a moisturizing serum, and an anti-itch cream. The product cost is worth your pocket SGD 2-SGD 10 varying on sizes and can be purchased at all departmental and pharmaceutical stores Nationwide.

TWG Luxurious Teas

TWG is a stalwart in the tea scene. It’s a 5-star tea emporium that boasts over 600 types of tea leaves and organic-fair-trade green tea. The first thing to purchase in Singapore is the pleasant joy for real tea enthusiasts who are visiting the Singapore parlor to serve the nation’s own-grown luxurious tea. TWG is presented in a collection of hand-sewn plain cotton or lace teabags. Plain tea bags come in round bags and can be used within three weeks, on the off-chance that you wanted to save your budget though.

TWG Luxurious black tea bags have a scented finisher that is said to enhance your sensual experience with tea. They come in flavors such as Dragon Well and Rooibos Passion.


With so much to mention about things to buy in Singapore, another important factor is the hawking centers. Just in case you wanted to experience the meal culture, piece of history, then hawking centers is your destination. There are over 3,600 hawker centers in Singapore, operating mostly out of street-side stalls in residential and commercial areas of Singapore. Remember don’t be shy of trying out a different kind of local food, it might surprise you!

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