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Oct 08 2022

Some professions include accommodative standards that let professionals take different educational paths. This flexibility allows a professional to obtain a certification rather than a conventional undergraduate degree. Consider acquiring a certificate rather than a degree if you think a non-traditional educational program could suit your work or personal preferences. Ascendo Academy can help you achieve the best certifications, especially in food hygiene courses!

While you are considering a career, a certificate of certification is much more than simply a pretty piece of paper. At the time of the interview, your prospective employer will request a copy of any certifications so they can determine whether you meet the requirements for the position. The certificate can distinguish between getting the desired job or being awarded to a more deserving candidate. It enables the employer to understand more about your talents and other attributes.

Why do most jobs need qualification certificates?

Even if there are many abilities you may master on your own, a qualification certificate increases the visibility and credibility of these skills to potential employers. The certification proves your competence in following instructions, comprehending them, and doing the necessary activities. Without pursuing a certificate or degree, you may be able to acquire certain abilities, but you will have a harder time finding a job without one. When you hold a certificate, companies will find it simpler to determine whether you are qualified for a certain position since they will be convinced that you possess the knowledge and experience necessary to meet all the job criteria. Young people nowadays are given more opportunities to advance in their careers and learn new skills since they are seen as more qualified than young people in many nations in the past.

Similar training

Certification may be accepted instead of a degree by an employer since these courses frequently offer comparable training. Equivalence is the ability to assure an employer that a certificate holder possesses the same level of industry expertise as a specialist with a degree. Some businesses even include the words or comparable after the degree requirement to imply they will consider individuals with certifications or a lot of experience.


Compared to certificates, undergraduate degrees sometimes offer less specialized instruction. This restriction results from the fact that undergraduate degrees often have a set curriculum and frequently spend more time on general concepts than specialty topics. A certification program can concentrate on a particular subject and is often significantly smaller. For instance, you may finish a technical writing course for your undergraduate degree in one semester, but you might finish an email campaign writing course for your certification program.

Even if other candidates have diplomas and more education, having an Ascendo Academy certificate demonstrating your skills in a specialized field of work can help you stand out from the competition.


It might be possible to obtain employment by earning a certificate rather than a degree in some situations since the qualifications for those occupations may be more skill-based. Sometimes a certificate program might assist professionals in acquiring abilities comparable to those of a degree holder. For instance, although a degree is required to become a registered nurse, you may become an adult nurse with just a certificate. Additionally, many healthcare positions need a Certification III or IV. In addition, even if you don’t have the same educational background as other job hopefuls, you might be able to leverage your extensive and distinctive skill set to your advantage.

Universal principles

Some professions give a specialized test or license or have universal norms for their educational requirements. These tests are frequently accessible to everyone, regardless of educational background. There are certain occupations with no required exams or licenses. In this situation, certificate programs offer instruction on a particular subject, enabling you to carry out particular employment obligations without a degree. For instance, certificate programs exist for numerous coding languages in the information and technology industry. If you obtain a C++ certification, you probably possess the same pertinent programming abilities as a professional who has finished an IT degree.

Less time is necessary

Obtaining a certification frequently takes less time than obtaining a degree. While many certification programs only take a year or a few months, an undergraduate degree might take two to four years. In the same length of time it could take you to complete an undergraduate degree; you might be able to seek more than a certification if your educational requirements require a lesser time commitment. Additionally, you might be able to enter the workforce early, expanding your professional network and raising your earning potential. Ascendo academy reviews talk a lot about their time-efficient certifications!

More affordable

Programs for certification frequently cost less than those for degrees. The institution that hosts the certificates may determine how much they cost. You may even be able to apply for grants or use an employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement scheme in some circumstances. Due to these lower prices, professionals who are unable to afford college programs may be able to pursue similar career alternatives as those who can. Nothing better than Ascendo Academy if you want to earn a new certification!

Contributes to professional advancement

You may be able to gain employment and promotions with certifications. Even after you land a job, you might desire certification to boost your advancement prospects. For instance, if one of your professional and career objectives is to hold a manager position, you may obtain certification to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Obtaining certificates also demonstrates to your employer your commitment to professional development, which can persuade them to give you greater consideration for promotions.

Flexible learning options

Numerous certification programs provide adaptable learning opportunities to fit your work needs. This support can take the form of flexible class times, online courses, or even self-paced courses that allow you to study at your own pace. These steps might provide you with more versatility than a conventional degree could, which can assist you in handling other obligations, like working and taking care of the family and keeping a healthy work-life balance.

People who like a non-traditional learning environment may also profit from flexible learning alternatives. You could discover that self-paced courses or online classes are more fun and doable for you if you like learning in a setting other than a traditional classroom. This may make certificates more affordable than degrees. If you are into environmental services and looking for environmental services hospital jobs or environmental management services, then Ascendo Academy has some great certification options that you must consider.

What is Ascendo Academy?

A consulting and training company called Ascendo Academy focuses on providing safety-related services to diverse sectors. They provide their clients with a full range of management and consultancy services connected to workplace safety, food hygiene, and F&B services. Get your food hygiene cert from Ascendo Academy now!

Ascendo Academy offers:

  • Ascendo Academy currently offers courses for home-based learning!
  • Skillsfuture Singapore (SSG), WSQ Food Hygiene/F&B Services/Occupational Hygiene/Other Generic Courses Approved Training Provider.
  • bizSAFE training provider accredited by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).
  • The Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council has designated a service provider for the bizSAFE Level 1 e-Learning Pilot Project.

What courses does it have?

Listed below are all the courses Acsendo Academy offers:

English Food Safety Course (Level 1)

Food and beverages Safety and Sanitation Policies and Guidelines was its previous name (SSF). All food handlers are required to complete your WSQ Food Hygiene Courses under the NEA Points Demerit System. If license holders don’t send their staff for the training and register them, they risk receiving six penalty points and a fine. This is the best course offered by Ascendo Academy, including other food hygiene certificates.

Other courses include:

  • Chinese Food Safety Course (Level 1)
  • English-language Food Safety Course (Level 1) (AOP)
  • WSQ Security
  • WSQ Environmental Services
  • WSQ Food Services
  • WSQ Service Excellence
  • WSQ PDPA/Productivity Courses
  • WSQ Occupational Hygiene
  • bizSAFE
  • ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence)
  • WSQ Leadership & People Management
  • WSQ Design Thinking
  • Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme PLUS (CITREP+)
  • WSQ Pastry

Where is it?

You can find Ascendo Academy at the following location:

  • Ascendo Academy Pte Ltd, 9 Little Road, #02-01 Singapore 536985
  • Contact: +65 6610 3737 / 6610 8223 / 6398 006 +65 6398 0503

Visit Ascendo Academy and benefit from the best food hygiene certificate in Singapore!

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