Enjoy Instant Hot and Cold Water Within Seconds—Choose an AOX Water Dispenser

by Starry

Dec 06 2021

The water dispenser allows its users to enjoy hot and cold-water options anywhere, anytime. Now there’s no need to go to the kitchen because the water dispenser makes lives easier. The water dispenser promotes an eco-friendly environment as well as many digital and unique functions.

About Brand AOX

AOX is Singapore’s number 1 multi-award-winning brand. AOX promotes a healthy living style in one’s life. There are countless health-related advantages that AOX Antioxidant Alkaline Water is supplying. AOX is not only working on dispensers; they also have various products like non-electricity dispensers, compact series, Pipe series, patented filters, traveling and water accessories, portable devices, water packs, beauty and wellness, rental services, and much more.

Water dispensers:

AOX water dispensers are considered the best choice for homes and offices. The dispensers are loaded with the most recent technology of filtration, which makes your drinking experience just beyond the limit. The highest quality premium antioxidant alkaline water gives your life a healthy life indication. There are two main functions in the dispenser, choose hot or cold water according to your need. You do not need to go to the kitchen and make a pot for boiling water; this is easily possible with the dispenser’s hot option. 

There’s not only hot water available, but also you can enjoy cold water on just one tap. The water dispensers have the direct piping option, which allows a continuous water supply without any hassle and worry.

Features of AOX Water dispenser:

  • Water saving:

 The AOX Water dispenser saves your precious water. When you need water, then tap and take your required water and then tap off. This technique saves you enough water from any wastage. 

  • Safe and drinkable:

The filtration process and hot and cold water are 100% risk-free, safe, and sound for your family and offices. 

  • Lock system: 

 There’s also an auto-lock system installed in the water dispensers, So if you’re using the dispenser for your home and your toddler is active enough so, you can lock your device for safety.

  • Health friendly:

The AOX water dispenser assures 100% natural mineral water.

  • 100% tested: 

The water dispenser removed 99.99% bacteria. Moreover, SGS, AVA, WHO, FDA, and KFDA Labs approved and attested the water quality is 100% safe. 

Best for Offices:

The AOX water dispenser is not made for only homes and restaurants but also suitable for offices. There are different varieties and models available from AOX, from which you can choose according to your budget and need. 

Elegant and classy:

The water dispensers are not the kind of dispensers that covers up huge space. The dispensers are quite elegant and classy, as their glossy finishing and glass surface makes the place more complementary and catchier. 

Hot and cold options:

Now you can get your desired water after a tap away. The water dispenser allows the hot water temperature of +/- 18 Degree and has the facility of cold water +/- 10 degrees. So, choose according to your choice. 

Heavy-duty big tank:

The water dispensers carry a vast capacity of the water tank to fulfill the needs of office staff. The stainless-steel hot tank capacity is around 4 Liter, and the stainless-steel cold tank capacity is about 6.2 Liter. 

Easy to operate:

The AOX water dispensers are easy to use and easy to operate dispensers. You do not need to take any special class or any tutorial regarding the operating purpose. However, a manual or user guidance booklet is available inside the pack, so you can get the required information over there. 

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