An Ultimate Experience Of Freshness, Heaven And Earth Ice Lemon Tea

by Starry

Sep 22 2021


Heaven and Earth offer energizing taste of Ice Lemon, a refreshing combination of real tea. A fortifying solution of comfort. The stimulating tea benefit cleans up your body wastes and restores your mind. Truly fresh bottles packed daily and made up with pure and hundred percent natural ingredients. The delicious flavor is waiting to satisfy your mind and soul.

About Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea:

Heaven and Earth aim to provide a range of naturally flavored teas. A real combination of fruit extracts with real tea leaves gives an extravagant taste to please your taste bulbs. Every sip is filled with a great taste of fruit. There are several flavors available in the market; some of them includes:

  • Heaven and Earth Jasmine Green Tea
  • Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea
  • Heaven and Earth Ice Passionfruit Tea.

Don’t lose your mind during exams and complicated projects; never be afraid of trying something special, soothe your mind with the greatness of Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea.

Available sizes:

Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea are available in different sizes:

  • 1.5L
  • 500 ml
  • 300 ML

Why choose Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea?

Inspiration can be found anywhere in the world, and a healthy mind attracts towards healthy things. Kick start your day with the refreshing lime taste of Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea. No one can deny the benefits of tea, and when it comes to combined with lemon freshness, the taste is just sensational.

Serve Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea to guests to feel them more special and unique. Nothing can beat the refreshing drink taste in hot summer-perfect fragrance and ideal taste, ready to quench thirst in hot weather.

One more amazing reason to choose Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon tea is that the product can be easily placed in your handbags and bagpacks. Never miss the ride on the sunny beach and take a trip with Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea.


Healthy drink:

A healthy mind brings exciting ideas, and a healthy mind comes up with healthy ideas. So, keep your mind up to date and producing overall the week and move forward.

Smooth and delicious

Heaven and Earth Ice Lemon Tea is a delish flavored drink with a fresh and contemporary expression of real tea taste. Chia Seeds are one of the main ingredients of tea to provide a healthy impression towards achievement.


Your life needs to be refreshed 24/7. For a fit and healthy lifestyle, choose a new line of infused fruity flavors, a combination of fruity flavors, chia seeds, and tea leaves—a healthy alternative for a busy day.

Freshly Packed

Heaven and Earth are brewed on an everyday basis to deliver the authentic taste around the island. A calming inspiration tea extracted from 100% premium quality tea leaves. Sugar-free and pure. A healthy choice for healthy people.  

Health benefits:

The Heaven and Earth Ice lemon tea are materialized with natural ingredients of tea leaves, lemon, and chia seeds. These essentials are an important element of Omega3 fatty acids, fiber, iron, antioxidants, and calcium.

Seasons Ice Lemon Tea:

Too hot and sunny outside? Looking for something to soothe your thirst quench? Heaven and Earth Ice lemon tea, Try all-new Seasons Ice Lemon tea. A perfect solution to your sunny summer days. An ultimate taste that never fails to be pleasant.

Brewed from natural tea leaves with lemons, an authentic homespun taste. They aim to provide nature goodness extracts and creatively innovate healthy well-being.

Pokka Ice Lemon Tea:

Pokka Ice Lemon Tea is one of the most popular beverages around Singapore and other international countries. The tea is a refreshing mixture of the highest quality black tea mixed with real lemon juice. A true blend of lime flavor with tea to quench your thirst. Delicious taste with natural antioxidants and no preservatives.

Better to Know:

  • Keep your product in a cool, dry place.
  • Refrigerate the item when opened once
  • Try to intake quickly.
  • Chilled before serve.

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