Give Your Hair A Sea Nuckthorn Fruit Treatment with amika

by jiatongma

Oct 08 2022

Like many other natural and herbal medicines, there isn’t often a huge amount of rigorous scientific study to support their quantifiable or real advantages. However, given sea nuckthorn’s unique nutrient profile, it is simple to link the plant’s nourishing oils to longer, relatively strong strands and a radiant complexion. This is especially true given its exceptional range and opacity of omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to improved skin and hair shine. amika’s hair product range contains sea nuckthorn, ideal for your hair!

What is sea nuckthorn fruit? What is it for?

A thorny tree known as sea nuckthorn is a common sight throughout Asia and Europe. Sea nuckthorn tree parts have been used in medicinal herbs and cosmetics for a long time. Due to the belief that the tree has therapeutic qualities, many people utilize sea nuckthorn in unusual ways, such as jams, pies, beverages, and amika’s hair care products.

Sea nuckthorn extract, available as a supplement, provides a range of important fatty acids and phytonutrients, such as vitamin C, antioxidants, and anthocyanins. You must include sea nuckthorn in your hair care routine!

The tree has a lot of active substances, and the beauty and medical industries effectively employ these components’ abilities. According to one study, the beneficial compounds in sea nuckthorn oil are essential to the human body’s healthy operation and contribute to the skin’s beauty and health.

Additionally, the peculiar unsaturated fatty acids in sea nuckthorn oil, such as gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6) and palmitoleic acid (omega-7), can regenerate and heal the skin. Additionally, sea nuckthorn oil increases blood flow, makes it easier for the skin to be oxygenated, removes extra toxins from the body, and readily penetrates the epidermis. Sea nuckthorn oil guards against infections, stop allergies, reduces inflammation, and slows the aging process because gamma-linolenic acid is transformed into prostaglandins inside the skin. Sea nuckthorn is a useful addition to healthcare and cosmetic products since it has almost 200 qualities. Sea nuckthorn juice is also essential for the best hair care routine.

Thus, sea nuckthorn may stand out from the competition in terms of foods and supplements promoting hair development and its wide array of minerals. Before introducing sea nuckthorn into your daily lifestyle, consult your doctor as you would with any supplement. It’s also wise to ensure you’re spending on a high-quality version. To get you going, we’ve gathered some of our absolute favorite sea nuckthorn sources, including supplements, topical hair elixirs, and products by amika. Continue to scroll!

What effect does Sea nuckthorn have on hair?

Shampoos, conditioners, and hair supplements frequently contain sea nuckthorn as a component. This is because it has demonstrated efficacy in improving hair health regarding appearance and resolving specific problems. For instance, hairstylists cure damaged hair with sea nuckthorn’s healing abilities. Additionally, it aids in regaining the elasticity that gives your hair body, bounce, and curls retention. It also aids in smoothing and improving the manageability of coarse and brittle hair types. Including biotin and foliates also helps hair follicles get stronger, significantly reducing hair loss and shedding. The antioxidant action of this medicine can assist in reversing aging effects in your mane, postponing greying and texture loss. All these sea nuckthorn benefits make it an essential part of hair care routines. amika uses the best natural ingredients alongside sea nuckthorn oil to produce perfect hair products.

What is amika? What are the characteristics of amika’s products?

amika was established in 2007 and is not your normal cosmetics company. amika works to create an inclusive and positive society while pursuing an individualized definition of beauty. The Sea nuckthorn Berry is a distinctive ingredient in all their haircare and styling products. Their products are simple and enjoyable. amika’s goods are suitable for vegetarians, are free of artificial colors, and do not include animal products since the company is always searching for cutting-edge technology and high-performance solutions.

amika is well recognized for its humanitarian work through HairToStay, a non-profit organization that helps to raise money for scalp-cooling innovation that helps prevent chemotherapy-related hair loss while also attempting to expand accessibility and awareness. In the 2017 Aesthetic Awards, amika’s Undone Texture Spray won recognition for its Sea nuckthorn Berry, a high-quality “superfruit” ingredient. Each amika haircare and style product has an essential ingredient that promotes hair development and enhances the general health of the skin, scalp, and hair.

amika also provides high-quality styling equipment and solutions to meet your daily demands. Visit the amika Marina Bay Sands to get their award-winning goods.

What product lines does amika have?

There are a lot of product lines one can find on amika’s website. A few of the best-sellers are listed below:

amika mini straightening brush for flash

When it gets too hot tools styling, customers never hold back. Customers usually find e everything the same until amika introduces their flashing fix straightening brush. Customers had no idea that combing their hair with this product might smooth out their curly, unruly hair (literally). Customers get astounded when this baby hairbrush appears in their favorite peachy hue. With so many positive reviews from users throughout Instagram, people had great things to say about the brush. Now that customers have tamed their formerly unmanageable curly hair, it seals in moisture, and customers can’t travel without the product. amika’s reviews have always been this good for all their hair care product ranges!

Satin savage smoothing conditioner by amika

Take the frizz battle! No matter the weather, amika’s Satin Savage Smoothing Conditioner guards against humidity that causes frizz to keep hair smooth and protected all day long! Include this product in your hair care routine and see amazing results!

  • The sea nuckthorn berry, known as the “magic berry,” fortifies itself from elements by offering a variety of potent nutrients.
  • Packed with glycerin, which replenishes moisture to damaged hair, prevents dry, brittle hair from developing, and strengthens.
  • • Contains a very lightweight silicone that is hydrogenated for time-released moisture protection all day.
  • Rich in vitamin B5, which promotes and restores the tenacity of hair and offers long-lasting moisturization.
  • Smooths strengthen and eliminate split ends while protecting hair from breakage.
  • Free of parabens, sodium chloride, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.

Mask for lifesaver treatment

The Lifesaver Treatment Mask repairs and deeply conditions hair. The formula’s natural compounds penetrate the hair’s surface to the cortex, closing split ends and enhancing shine, elasticity, and nutrition. This is one of the best amika products.

  • It uses nutrients and vitamins from argan oil to intensely treat, heal, and strengthen the skin.
  • Deeply nourishes and hydrates to heal damaged hair
  • KeravisTM offers the best anti-breakage advantages.
  • Suitable for all kinds of hair

Shampoo; don’t kill my vibe color-lock

Don’t Kill My Vibe Color-Lock by amika is an antioxidant-rich shampoo that strongly guards all hair colors against fading while improving hair health. With this shampoo, color and brightness are preserved! Longer color life is ensured by UV filters, antioxidants, and the absence of sulfates. No washing out or dulling.

The sea nuckthorn berry, known as the “magic berry,” strengthens itself from elements by offering a host of potent nutrients. It is also packed with ingredients that smooth the cuticle, strengthen the hair roots, and increase hair softness and health.

UV filters, phytochemicals, and no sulfates mean longer color life! This product is packed with humectants that draw moisture from the atmosphere and into the hair to boost hydration and maintain hair moisture throughout the day! Formula without sulfates gently cleanses without removing color.

Where is amika in Singapore?

Now you can buy all your favorite and amika’s best-reviewed products by visiting the following amika Shai store locations:

– 435 Orchard Rd #B1-52, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, Singapore 238877

– 10 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-K6, Singapore 018956

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