A Good Day Begins with A Nutritious Breakfast from Amazin Graze!

by jiatongma

Feb 10 2023

Amazin graze’s Muesli is one of the many amazing breakfast options to start off your day. Your breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day and the determiner of how the rest of your day will be spent. The reason that the first meal is called breakfast is due to the fact that you eat after 8-10 hours of fasting, and your body is in survival mode, burning off fat and glycogen stores to maintain the fasting glucose levels. You need to replenish your fuel stores; otherwise, you will spend the rest of the day drowsy, lethargic, and groggy.

Why do people choose Muesli for breakfast, and what are its health benefits?

Whether you’re a vegan or eat meat, Muesli is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age or predilection for vegetables or meat. Previously it was argued that eggs were the healthiest and the most wholesome breakfast to devour in the morning. However, recent studies suggest that they contain an alarming level of cholesterol, making them unsuitable for individuals with cardiovascular diseases.

Muesli, on the contrary, is safe for everyone (except for people with Celiac disease). Muesli contains oats, strawberries (and some other fruits), nuts, and dried fruits. People prefer eating Muesli over simple oats because the latter is just too bland to be consumed as it is. Muesli, on the other hand, is scrumptious and an excellent alternative to the synthetic sugary cereals.

So, while you enjoy the health benefits of the oatmeal within the Muesli, it shouldn’t come off as a major compromise on your taste buds since the taste of Muesli is so tantalizing that it’s a win-win for you. The oats within the Muesli are an excellent source of dietary fiber that is necessary for an optimal bowel movement and prevent constipation and the deleterious consequences associated with constipation. Along with fiber, oats contain iron, zinc, phosphorous, thiamine, and magnesium.

The fact that Muesli is an amalgamation of all the ingredients mentioned above (and gives you the leeway to add up more ingredients if you wish) means that you don’t only enjoy the health benefits of consuming oats, rather you keep on adding to the nutritional value with every ingredient added.

Another reason why most people are turning to Muesli for breakfast is their aid in weight loss. Any high-fiber diet helps substantially in losing weight since the fiber not only helps feel full but also adsorbs the glucose released from the digestion of complex carbohydrates (such as starch). This prevents a sugar spike and maintains a basal level of glucose in the bloodstream. The higher centers in the brain (the hypothalamus) perceive the stomach as full, and this helps achieve and maintain satiety.

The fact that high-fiber foods prevent sugar spikes is very beneficial to diabetic individuals because an insulin spike immediately follows a sugar spike. Over the course of many years of insulin spikes, insulin loses its sensitivity on the peripheral receptors and forms the basis of the development of diabetes. Eating high-fiber foods, therefore, help deter developing diabetes, and in those who are already suffering from the disease, it helps mitigate it.

As for the nutritional information of Muesli, they are a powerhouse of protein, fiber, iron, omega-3 Acids, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamins such as A, K, E, and C.

How to eat Muesli the right way?

There are many ways to consume Muesli.

Muesli in cold form

In other words, this is the Muesli consumed as cereals. There’s no rocket science in this one. You just need to pour your Muesli into a bowl, add milk (almond, dairy, or soy), add your favorite dry fruits, and dig right in! You can let the Muesli soak for a little while before consuming it. This makes it a lot softer and helps the taste settle in.

Muesli in hot form

This is the traditional, old-fashioned way of preparing your oats. You add your Muesli to the water and let it boil. This may seem boring, but it’s nothing like regular oatmeal, since it contains many other delicious ingredients. So, hot Muesli is anything but bland.

Muesli prepared overnight

You can soak in Muesli overnight in equal parts of milk or water, put this in an airtight container and let it sit overnight. The soaked Muesli is also called Bircher Muesli and it has a separate fanbase from those who prefer eating dry Muesli.

Bake or cook muesli

Muesli can also be used as the baking dough for making irresistibly scrumptious cookies and other confectionery. This is particularly advantageous over the regular batter since it is high in fiber and low in starch, making it an ideal alternative, completely transforming an unhealthy diet into a healthy snack. Muesli can also be added as a topping on desserts adding its crunchy component to make it as palatable as possible. With the internet, the sky is the limit; you can find some of the best muesli recipes to try out!

Introducing Amazin graze – the best Muesli in town

Amazin graze is the joint endeavor of three ambitious and headstrong women who were taxed by the dilemma of challenging corporate jobs and unhealthy dietary habits associated with these jobs. As a result, Sabrina, Ching, and Amy relinquished their jobs and started their pursuit of a new venture, a mission of providing healthier food options that would be able to cope with the fast-paced work life, and thus Amazin graze was born!

These three musketeers started off their adventures from their own home kitchen to create a classic range of Amazin graze granolas. After a series of many experimentations, Amazin graze became the name that it is today. Many people sharing the dream of healthy eating jumped on the bandwagon and joined the caravan, and Amazin graze reached the heights of success with this fraternity.

Amazin graze is continuously in the pursuit of innovating food so that everyday food doesn’t feel boring but at the same time maintains the healthy aspect of it. Amazin graze Muesli quickly scaled the ranks of the larger names in competition, such as Carman’s Muesli and Alpen Muesli.

Amazin graze doesn’t just feature Muesli; it also has a category for instant oatmeals, protein blends, healthy chips, nuts, nut butter, and health essentials. You can avail the Amazin graze coupon: 2XTROP, with a minimum expenditure of RM80, and get two Mini Tropical Superfood Trail Mixes completely free! You can visit Amazin graze Kepong for a tour of the factory any time you wish.

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Eating a healthy and well-balanced breakfast is quintessential for a happy and healthy life and an amazing day ahead. And what better way to start your day than a bowl of scrumptious Muesli from Amazin graze? Join hands in adopting a healthier alternative to precarious eating habits with Amazin graze and turn your life around.

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