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by jiatongma

Sep 27 2022

Agility careers is a reliable name when it comes to building a career in the right direction. While there are many career consultants in Singapore, this company is different because they genuinely care about their clients. Every solution is customized to align perfectly with your unique and personal career challenges.

If you’re wondering why someone would need a career consultant in the first place, here are a few employment challenges that people have to face in the professional world.

Employment challenges after graduation

Landing your first job is undoubtedly an achievement that deserves celebration. However, transitioning from academic life into work environment isn’t always smooth for most graduates. Harvard Business Review interviewed 54 college graduates in 2019 about their first work experience and most reported feeling disappointed, exhausted, confused, and anxious at work.

The first step into the professional world often makes graduates question their career choices, and they feel they have made the wrong decision. They neither know nor understand what their employer expects from them. These feelings affect graduates’ well-being, motivation, and morale to fulfill their work roles. The adjustment period for new recruits is challenging for companies too.

Following are five basic struggles graduates face when starting their first job.

  1. Unrealistic expectations

After studying hard for several years, fresh graduates believe they are entitled to a job that meets their expectations and aspirations in the end. This false belief is shattered when they suddenly have to face the harsh reality of the job market.

Employers prefer experienced employees over inexperienced ones. Since graduates don’t possess any work experience when they’re starting out, they are offered lower salaries and sometimes unpaid internships. Settling for less makes them feel undervalued and disappointed in the recruitment process. With limited options, graduates must take what’s available and make the best of it.

The inability to score their ‘Dream job’ comes as a big blow to graduates entering the real job market, making them wonder about their career’s future.

  1. Working on tasks unrelated to your skillset

After getting hired, graduates quickly realize that their job isn’t exactly what was advertised. As they process the ‘unglamorous’ aspects of work-life, they feel this is not what they wanted in the first place. When working within a company, you are expected to complete several tasks that may or may not be related to your core skillset. Spending significant time on different tasks reduces a graduate’s enthusiasm and makes them question whether the organization is a good fit.

  1. Social interaction within the company

Another pronounced change is in social interaction and communication. As a student, you have the freedom to choose your groups by personal affinities. However, the workplace is more restricting, and you don’t get to choose who you work with. So, even if you disagree with your co-worker, you are expected to behave professionally regardless of your moral judgment.

You are no longer dealing with college professors you must tolerate for the duration of your class. In the workplace, you must maintain a neutral temper with everyone on your team for 8 hours daily.

  1. Accountability for your actions

When you start working, there is little room for mistakes and errors. You are accountable for your actions and behavior all the time. If you fail your exam, there’s always an option to retake it. However, if you fail at an important work task, it permanently damages your position within the company.

In college, you hear the term, “You learn from your mistakes,” repeatedly. But a mistake in the office can cost your employer money, who may not tolerate it more than once.

  1. Receiving feedback

As a student, you are used to receiving feedback on your performance in the form of test results and assignment grades. The marking scheme is always transparent, and the rules are fair, without any ambiguity. Before sitting in the exam, you know what the passing grade is, so you work towards it.

In the professional world, there are no assignments or tests. Your performance is measured through ‘key performance indicators, which are subjective to interpretation by individual managers. There is an apparent inconsistency in performance evaluations across the company, and feedback has to be sought and not freely given.

The lack of standardized assessments leaves graduates high and dry. They have no option but to decipher comments and read between the lines, which makes them feel confused and uncertain about whether they are doing the job right.

How Career Agility can help graduates

The team at Career Agility has more than 42 years of experience in coaching and headhunting. It places them in an ideal position to guide fresh graduates to a better career future in Singapore. Navigating a new workplace can be challenging, but with the right tips and tricks, you can land an excellent job and face its challenges head-on.

Career Agility offers six courses to help you advance your career and become the best version of yourself professionally. The courses include

  • The Secret To Lasting Career Success
  • Land Your Dream Job Programme
  • Navigating Your Mid-Career Crossroad
  • Accelerate Your Career
  • Ultimate Career Growth Bundle
  • Career Conversations with Adrian and #SuperCoachYen

In addition to the above courses, Career Agility also offers coaching sessions to guide you toward a lucrative career path.

If you prefer to read valuable content, you can check out these books at their online store:

  • The Great Career Paradox (When Pursuing Career Success May Not Lead To Career Happiness)
  • Get Promoted!
  • Career Crossroads- Limited Autographed Copies
  • Land your Dream Job
  • The Exit Management Handbook

Agility Careers is one of Atome’s partnered brands

Atome is a BNPL company that operates in 8 markets across the world, including Singapore. Agility Careers has partnered with Atome to bring its customers flexible payment options. This means you can buy any course, coaching session, or book from Agility Career’s online and offline store and pay in three interest-free payments instead of one.

Read on to discover more about the payment service.

What is Atome?

Atome is among the leading buy-now-pay-later companies in Singapore. It has over 15,000 partner merchants that allow Atome users to access a wide range of high-quality products and premium services. This flexible payment service makes shopping easier while staying within your monthly budget.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

Atome’s platform is secure and reliable, which is why customers across the globe trust its services. If you wish to be part of its network, you can download the app (Get the app) and register an account. After verification, you can start shopping from any partner brand through Atome.

Take your career to new heights with Agility Careers

Navigating work challenges can be intimidating, but with proper guidance and help, you can advance your career in the right direction. Choose Agility Careers and improve your professional prowess. You can use Atome to pay for the services and products with manageable monthly payments.

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