A Symbol of Wealth and Charm, Pixiu Bracelet Singapore

by Starry

Oct 20 2021

Pixiu bracelet Singapore is usually crafted with copper, wood and jade material. It looks stylish as well as enhances the charm of your fashion style. Both bracelets are good quality if you buy them from a reliable brand like Hoseiki Jewelry. 

Pixiu is a legendary creation of old Chinese. According to the Chinese, pixiu is a mighty defender and provides maximum protection against harm and loss. It is one of the well-renowned bracelets that attracts wealth. If one living in poor circumstances wears a Pixiu Bracelet or Pixiu gold, then luck and wealth will automatically follow him. Pixiu bracelets are compatible with both men and women. 

About Hoseiki

Hoseiki is a jewellery brand that is a well-known brand for its antique and traditionally-styled jewellery items. Its creations take inspiration from Asian heritage. Hoseiki brand introduced many magnificent jewels with 100% original gemstones. The artistic jewellery is designed in such a way to fulfil the needs of modern fashion trends. 

Their specialists seek to help consumers find the best pieces that will bring them good luck and prosper them towards achievement and success. The professionals also guide their valuable clients on which gemstones will lead them towards wealth and health. 

Why shop from Hoseiki? 


Hoseiki jewellery is an international brand, which gathers unique gemstones worldwide, striving their best to provide their customers with 100% original and genuine stones in one place. 


Hoseiki jewellery is for everyone. One can get their hands on their favourite pixui bracelet quickly. 


Hoseiki has a vast collection of gemstones and jewellery items like abacus bracelets, pixiu bracelets and Feng Shui cleansing products. 


Hoseiki does not sell only their products but also gives warranty to their customers about their pixui bracelets. If your pixiu bracelet got damaged or had any issue in the allotted warranty period, then the team is always there to provide the best customer service. 

Features of Hoseiki Pixiu Gold bracelet 

Pixiu bracelet is one of the lucky charms from his creation owner Daryl. When he visited Japan and fell in love with the traditions of Japan, then he was obsessed with the Pixiu bracelets, which he saw in a temple. However, pixiu Singapore is gracefully crafted in Singapore. There are a lot of personalizations and customizations available at Hoseiki.  Gold is a symbol of wealth. For those who prefer gold pixiu bracelets, Hoseiki has a variety of certified 18k gold plated pixiu bracelets. 

Features of pixiu gold bracelets Singapore 


Every bracelet is designed with extra care and love. The creators are experts and professionals who know well how to model a pixiu bracelet together with respect. 


You can easily customize your bracelet according to your desired gemstones and materials. 


Pixiu bracelet is suitable for every occasion or day to day routine. So, you can enjoy your party or attend your meeting while wearing a pixiu bracelet. Moreover, the bracelet is ideal if you want to gift it to your loved ones. It is a perfect gift for valentine’s day, Christmas, Mother’s Day or friendship day, whatever you want. 


Pixiu bracelets blend the zodiac and horoscopes features that tend to give way to your goals and polish your hidden skills. The enriched properties provide protection and a statement of wealth with timeless styles. 


Hoseiki has a collection of pixiu gold and pixiu bracelets, which are usually available in ideal wrist sizes, like for Men, 15cm to 18cm pixiu bracelets available. Similarly, Women pixiu bracelets in Singapore are available in the 13cm to 15cm sizes range. 


Pixiu bracelets are considered to move your lifestyle towards a balanced life. Where love, wealth, and health combine and make your life very charming and ideal. 

How do order Pixiu bracelet Singapore or pixiu gold in Singapore? 

Hoseiki brand is the number 1 brand in selling pixiu bracelets in Singapore. They are delivering gold pixiu bracelets worldwide. If one needs to order a fortune bracelet, simply shop online and checkout with Atome. Headquartered in Singapore with over 10,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services.

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