5 Most Collectible Watches You Can Buy

by Starry

May 31 2021

Even though the world has been technologized and watches have no mere use anymore. Nut from a cultural and traditional view, no hand accessory is as handsome and graceful as a wristwatch. Keeping the cultural integrity Olivia burton bee watch collection is an eye-opener for many watch lovers. The collection is for both men and women, having watch accessories in different textures, colors, and even designs.

An amazing collection of watches available at Olivia burton bee watch has been brought to your palms through Atome. It is an app that brings all the amazing brands to your doorsteps. It has no bounds when it comes to brands on your screen. Atome is a Singaporean app that has a motto of buy now and pays late—making it a very popular app in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Atome has not collaborated with Olivia burton bee watch, providing you the privilege to go through the entire collection and select your desired watches. You can buy your desired watch now and pay later in three easy installments. It can help be easy on your pocket and maintain your budget as well.

Why trust Olivia burton bee watch?

Having a store that provides good quality and top-notch wristwatches is a blessing. While many of you think watches have become disposable, they are very much in trend even now. Going old school will always be trendy, professional, and graceful. For the same reason, Olivia burton bee watch is providing both quality and quantity in its collection. They should be trusted because;

1. They have amazing filters for dial size, strap size, and even color

2. Quality of every wristwatch is amazing.

3. They have a guarantee and a warranty in case something doesn’t go your way.

4. Olivia burton bee watch is an international brand.

Collectables at Olivia burton bee watch

They have the most stylish collection available at the online store of Olivia burton bee watch for everyone to enjoy. Some are a bit more fashionable and can be noted as collectables. Having a unique design and working mechanics. Here are a few collectable watches you can look into and get for yourself.

1. White mother pearl

This one is a beautiful watch with a sparkle of mother pear and a silver strap that may be taken for a bracelet. A unique collection on the Olivia Burton bee watch list. The watch is a very classic design but a hint of modernization. Having a dial around 38mm of mother pearl with a luxurious look on your wrist; it is one of the Olivia Burton bee watch collections, one of the very amazing gifts you can get your loved ones.

A very distinctively beautiful design that is quite simple but still very lavish. It has simple and subtle color notes, but the refraction of the mother pearl is what makes it so dreamy and beautiful for the one who gets to wear it and the eye that catches a look.

2. The dragonfly

More specifically, it is the dragonfly thin case pink and rose gold watch. It has a case size of 30mm and has amazing quartz movement. The dial is rose gold that surrounds a beautiful dragonfly pattern. One of the most exquisite watches at the Olivia Burton bee watch is a beautiful and sophisticated watch with a non-silver strap; rather, it has a beautiful fabric strap that gives a very elegant look overall.

3. The Demi Dial

It is pale rose gold with a meshwork strap, a very exquisite design of Olivia Burton bee watch. They have a 34mm rose Gold. However, it is one piece of accessories but can be seen as two, a watch and a bracelet with a dial on it. A truly modern design that has a water resistance of up to 3 bars and has a quartz movement. The watch itself is an amazing design and works well with both casual and formal settings.

Though it is a very simple design, the finesse is what makes it highly desirable and unique. The Olivia burton bee watch demi dial might be your date night accessory to flaunt off yourself and choose. A watch says much about a person.

4. The beehive

A very sophisticated design in the collection of Olivia Burton bee watch; it is a sleek and beautiful design if you want to wear it at your work or even for a date night. This design is in rose gold with a sleek rectangular dial and a rose gold metal strap that encapsulated your wrist—having quartz movement and a 20.5 mm dial. This watch is really an eye-catcher.

5. Wonderland

Having beautiful sarkovski crystals and gemstones on the dial, this watch is an amazingly wonderful piece of art. Having a silver demi dial surrounding a mother pearl surface that is designed by rose gold metal writings. Olivia Burton bee watch has outdone itself with this remarkable wristwatch for ladies. It is silver and has a very subtle undertone due to the refraction of the mother pearl. Having a beautiful piece of jewelry like this wonderland watch is an investment, no less. A blend of both tradition and modern art, it stands still in time.

6. Midi dial

A beautiful 30mm dial that has both silver and rose gold patterns in the dial and the metal strap. It is a beautiful idea for Olivia Burton bee watch collection to have a classical design in the mix. Even though it is a very simple design, the maker of this wristwatch is very sophisticated and unique. It is exactly the type of watch a traditionally recognized woman would wear. It can make a beautiful gift as well; nothing is more beautiful than an amazingly cultured watch. It is a silver and rose gold Olivia Burton bee watch blessing.

Olivia Burton bee watch collection is an amazing and outstanding collection for watches and watches accessories. The quality of every watch, no matter how cheap or expensive, is outclassed. Every design is beautiful and unique. You can buy any of the watches, and you might end up loving all of them, and with Atome being around, you can buy any of the watches now, even the expensive collectable ones, and buy them later when you can in three easy installments.


Olivia Burton bee watch is a collection like no other. This online store is easy to access, and highly authentic watches can be found. The amount of time that you might waste on selecting a shop and your required watch, you can just directly do that with the online Olivia burton shop.  

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