3 benefits for your business

  • Reach new shoppers
    Reach new shoppers

    70% of Atome customers are between 23-38 years old. By partnering with Atome, we'll raise your brand awareness and drive traffic to your business through our app, website and social channels on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Boost sales
    Boost sales

    Offering Atome as a checkout option results in higher conversions because it lets your customers spread total payment over time. Since our January launch, we've seen an 11X growth in merchant transactions.

  • Transparency
    Bigger carts

    Offering Atome at checkout also results in bigger orders. On average, Atome merchant partners experience a 30% lift in average order value.

Helping you through COVID-19
Whether you have an offline or online store, or both, we can help your business in the following ways:
Direct traffic to your offline or online store
We help lower your marketing costs by raising awareness of your business through our mobile app, website and social channels on Facebook and Instagram.
Back to business and seasonal sales
With the Singapore economy re-opening and end-of-year sales around the corner, we can support your digital marketing efforts to grow your business.
Online support and payment integration
We can help set up your online store and provide technical support to help you integrate various e-commerce platforms and payment systems as people continue shopping from home.
Partners we support
We support major e-commerce platforms and payment gateways and will help you integrate Atome on your website or physical store.
Anytime Fitness
We started to partner with Atome from Dec 2019, it quickly drew attention from our customers, people were asking about the solution and showed strong interest. We’ve been able to convert some of the potential customers using Atome service, and there will be more in the future.
We closed the first transaction the same day that Atome was enabled. Customer was happy about the service and we see the traction that Atome brought to my business. Really happy to partner with Atome service, it creates a win-win situation for both merchant and end consumer.
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