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by Starry

Jun 09 2021

Are you searching for the best furniture in town? It seems your search has come to an end. We have listed the best furniture brand for you.

So, let’s Check it Out!

Home a place where you can chill & relax. Home Comfort is an essential thing & comfort is incomplete without a piece of furniture. X’clusive Home — with their unique furniture styles brings Genuine expression of home. X’clusive Home furniture consists of fabric & leather. It is considered the best furniture brand in town and is known for its quality, unique designs, and fast delivery in Singapore.


X’clusive Home’s much-reputed furniture brand has always taken itself differently from all the local competitors. With its unique design-X’clusive, the home justifies itself as the best in town. X’clusive Home was founded by a group of people who were sofa lovers & within a short period- it makes its worth. Currently, X’clusive Home works in Singapore and has three outlets.

Why X’clusive Home?

X’clusive uses the finest quality material. Special care is taken in selecting the furniture-Furniture which is comfortable and suits clients’ requirements (space, design & price)

X’clusive deals with customized furniture designs too. The rates of X’clusive Home are very reasonable & the quality is something that left you with awe.

 X’clusive Home Singapore

Website URL: https://www.xclusivehome.sg/

X’clusive Home provides its customers a wide range of wooden products at a very affordable price. X’clusive Home — with its exclusive design collection transforming the old era into the ocean of design with dignity.

X’clusive Home & Atome

X’clusive Home & Atome has a deep connection. Do you know what it is? If not, then there is no need to worry about it. Just stay connected till the end of the blog and get free knowledge.

Atome is a new generation power platform that offers Buy now and pays later service for consumers. They give away long smart access to items to their consumers.

Atome is launched in 2019 December and, in a short period gains a lot of good reputation. The word Atome spells as “A-Toe-Me” and hence means” Available to me.”

Currently, Atome is dealing with 2000+ brands of fashion, beauty, furniture, fitness. 

Atome has a catchy tagline, “Time to own it,” which plays a massive role in attracting customers.

Well, as we know, Atome brings different brand items to the consumers with the opportunity to take now, Pay later. & 0% interest would be taken.

So, one of the Brands of Atome is X’clusive Home. X’clusive Home is a furniture brand that gains a lot of good reputation by its unique work, design, campaigns, and features.

So, let us have a look at it!

X’clusive Sofa Collection

Do you want to make your home- a happy place?

Of course, you want to.

X’clusive Home has sorted out a new range of Sofas that left the viewers with awe-inspiration. Each and every sofa of X’clusive Home is made with special care. The brand, considering the comfort of its customers, uses the finest fabric. It is keeping in mind the need to reduce the stains. The X’clusive Home sofa set has been professionally treated before it comes to your home. The unique designs of X’clusive Home are something that every client loves. A stunning sofa set with eye-catching color combinations and well-developed design creates a magnificent reputation in the local market.

X’clusive Home sofa gives your home a new look. It also creates comfort for the users. Great designs that fit into the modern world are the most loving part of X’clusive Home sofas.

So, why are you waiting?

Go and enhance the beauty of your home with our latest trendy sofa collection.

Let’s check out the collection.

Nolan Leather Sofa Recliner Grey

Perfect leather gives the sofa a dissipated look. The sofa provides your home a new look. The living room is the most intrinsic part of a home, and a perfect sofa design enhances the look. X’clusive Home deals with an array of styles and configurations with the best fabric, leather & recliner sofa in Singapore.

Levi Belgium Fabric Sofa 3+2 Yellow

X’clusive home sofa consists of Belgium High-quality fabric with high-density foam that makes the sitting comfortable. The vibrant colors of the sofa are also one of the most moving parts.

X’clusive home knows the value of customers’ X’clusive Home reviews & always prioritizes a perfect look sofa that makes your home different. The living room is the essential part of the house and, the look of the room depends on the sofa designs. X’clusive Home with their exclusive new catchy designs makes the room fascinating. X’clusive Home deals with an array of sofa styles and offers the best fabric, style, leather, and the best recliner in town.

Davie Belgium Fabric Sofa with Ottoman Dark Grey

Davie Belgium Sofa consists of fabric that is especially imported for Xclusive Home. High-density foam is something that brings a high rate of comfort and ease. This Davie Belgium sofa is exclusively designed for L- shaped wall. It is present in different colors.

Xclusive home knows the value of the sofa in the eyes of customers. We know the living room been the most important part of the home should be of great importance. Xclusive home with our wide range of collections allows the consumers to get a sofa of great quality, comfort, and warranty. The couch has specifically been designed to opt-out of the needs of Singaporean clients. With their overwhelming response, X’lcusive home has now be considered as the top furniture brand in Singapore.

It is offering a sofa in different styles, configurations providing the best fabric and leather in Singapore.

Xclusive Home also deals with the Dining Collection

Let’s have a look at their dining collection.

Dining Collection-Comfort you can live in

The dining table has significant importance. That’s the reason why the dining table should be strong, perfectly sized, and comfortable & should look amazing. So, now it’s time to click your home beauty with our wooden pieces.

Here’s the collection of Xclusive Home. Let’s explore!

Dining tables being a major character of your dining room, needs to be perfect. X’clusive Home, with its wide range of wooden collections, Offers its customers a lot of options. So why are you still roaming? Go and get your beautifully designed wooden furniture now!

Hot Sales

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0% up to 24 months installment

Sofa +dining table +feature wall + bed frame & mattress

In this pandemic, let’s furnish your home with X’clusive Home, exclusive deals.

Happy Customers all around!

We hope you like our brand! For further details visit our outlet or reach out to us at Atome


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