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by Starry

Dec 13 2021

Have you played with wooden toys when you were a kid? All children like to play. It is through play that they develop most of their skills. Hence, it is extremely important to encourage children to play different games. The games differ for each child. Games differ from one age group to another. Toddlers like big objects that they can pick up and observe; they like to throw them and experience the pressure of the throw, the noise they make, and their shapes. When they get a little older, these children like to see what those objects can do. They would try to fit them into other things. Also, they just start role-playing, arrangements, and all sorts of different things. This is when we should be giving them educational toys. This is when their small minds are learning about different tricks and different ways of the world. This is where Puttot Singapore plays a major role.

All About Puttot Singapore

Puttot Singapore is a kids shop that serves the needs of all a child could ever need or want from their welcome into this world till they embrace the teenage. Based in Singapore, they serve in Brunei as well as in Indonesia. They are the exclusive distributors for major brands like Moulin Roty, OOLY, LOKI, Polaroid Eyewear, and Childhome. They believe in providing premium quality products that are reliable and reasonable. The product range is vast. From a diaper bag to a school bag and everything in between, Puttot Singapore is the leading kids brand distributor. They promote the brands locally and regionally and look after their customers in all their needs.

Different Toys and Accessories Available at Puttot Singapore

Playing is an essential activity in a child’s life. It teaches them a lot of important skills, like cognitive processing. It encourages curiosity and exploration. Playing effectively with different toys teaches them how to organize things, the importance of prioritizing, and the joy of role-playing. There are no such things as educational toys, as, at this tender age, everything helps the child learn something important. Some toys teach the children critical thinking, while other games like role-playing teach them effective communication. Interactive playing help develop social skills.

Puttot Singapore has a line of different accessories for children. From welcoming your child into this world to sending them off to school, Puttot Singapore has something for everyone. From diaper bags to school bags and everything in between, Puttot has a variety of items for everyone. Instead of shopping from brand to brand and shop to shop, Puttot Singapore is a one-stop shop for all your needs and desires. They have products that are required when a baby arrives at their stationary. They have toys that would help develop your child’s cognitive skills, to toys that would teach them the importance of getting organized. They have stationery that would keep children busy for hours.

Wooden Toys Available at Puttot Singapore

Toys are available in all sorts of materials. From fabric to wood, toys are made according to different needs. Some children like soft cuddly toys that can be cuddled, and some like hard toys. Some parents prefer wooden toys that are more reliable not easily damaged. These toys are environmentally friendly and safe for your child as they do not break and are sturdy. Here are a few wooden toys available at Puttot Singapore:

Wooden Animal Bus

Are you looking for safe and reliable wooden toys in Singapore or a good wooden toyshop in Singapore? Well, look no more, for you will find the best at Puttot Singapore. This wooden animal bus is really fun. It comes with four wooden animals that can slide in and out. This is a great game for your young ones, where they can use their imaginations for role-playing.

Wooden Balancing Game

This is a great game to get your child’s motor skills active. In this safe wooden game, your child will learn how to analyze situations and use their motor skills to help them negotiate situations on the balancing beam. This is a game that would keep your child occupied for hours.

Wooden Beads Maze

Another wonderful game for your child to learn how to maneuver situations. In this game, the child tries to stack beads of different colors in different stacks. This game is also good for sharpening motor skills and creating a sense of concentration.

Wooden Stacking Toy

Teach your different child skills at the same time. You can teach them different shapes and colors through this toy; you can also teach them how to stack things. Wooden toys in Singapore are reliable and handy. This toy will stimulate motor skills in your child and will teach them hand-eye coordination.

Wooden Pull-Along Toy

All children just love pull-along toys. Wooden toys Singapore has many wooden toys, but from Puttot Singapore, you will be able to get reliable ones that your child can enjoy for a long time. These are in different characters that children love.

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