Where to find the perfect home accessories Singapore

by Starry

Apr 15 2021

If you want to give an elegant look to your home, then you should certainly look for your home accessories in Singapore. You are likely to find some of the most stunningly brilliant pieces of home decor here, as Singapore is quite famous for its immaculately designed home accessories. These pieces carry a magical element that can transform your home into literal heaven. Even if you are very choosy about your home accessories, you will still find this article resourceful, so keep reading.

Regardless of whether it is a slick, contemporary look you’re going for or a provincial bohemian laid-back vibe that you are imagining for your modest home, look no farther than these stylistic home decor themes and furniture stores in Singapore for some truly commendable homewares. Also, we will be looking at the top 7 furniture stores in Singapore in this blog.


This is a Swedish- based furniture brand that is known for its eco-friendly products. Ikea also sells a wide range of home accessories and interior design items to make your home even more beautiful than it already is. It possesses many trending designs and it is one of the best stores to buy home accessories in Singapore and that’s why it holds the first position on this list.

Since 2008, IKEA has been the biggest furniture retailer on the planet. They own 415 stores in 49 nations and the brand is planning to open more stores soon. The brand currently employs more than 150,000 individuals. The brand is also gaining popularity because of its chain of food cafes. These cafes are within shopping mall premises, offering people some respite and a chance to grab a bite after a tiring window shopping experience.

Singapore Trading Post

Singapore trading post is for the lovers of Vintage home accessories in Singapore. It is a homeware retail shop that has tons of memorabilia sourced from shipping lanes that once were frequently used. Indicative of Singapore’s rich trade history, this memorabilia is quite a stellar collection. Singapore Trading Post also has a classic collection of antiques that includes grandfather clocks and bronze statues, vintage keys and a pair of binoculars, among other artefacts. There’s also a corner in the Singapore Trading Post shop that honours Singapore’s glorious past, displaying things that have great sentimental value such as Sinalco plate and Kickapoo ads.

The Godown Store

The Godown store is an adapted, contemporary stockroom-like space, filled with a spectacular range of stylistic lifestyle themes. From re-discovered disclosures to new, contemporary decorations and home embellishments, the Godown Store has something for everyone. The Godown store is one of the best places to get home accessories in Singapore, as it presents a wide array of home accessories and interior decor items for people to choose from.

By offering an assortment of special pieces that are accumulated from around the globe, the Godown Store is allowing individuals to create their own adorable collection of a lifetime. To put it simply, you can make your home a very special place with the help of the Godown store.

The Cinnamon Room

The Cinnamon Room is as creative in its taste as its name and therefore, it is one of the leading home accessories shops in Singapore. It showcases a delightfully curated assortment of contemporary mats, pads, side tables, edges, and embellishments, all of which are a result of excellent craftsmanship. All the pieces in-store have been affectionately planned or hand-chosen by proprietor Visha Nelson, whose individual touch will help you choose, tweak and style any of these one-of-a-kind pieces, so that they can perfectly complement your home. Do visit the website to get the best home decor design ideas.

The store is known for its elegant floor coverings, which are worth flaunting, especially given how the covers also withstood the red wine stains that are unavoidable in events. So pay a visit to this masterful exhibition, as it is the best way to pick an ideal mat. The Cinnamon Room would help you convert your home into a stylish, vital, and wonderful space to live in.

Soul & Tables

It is a home accessories company in Singapore. True to its name, the store is known for exceptionally crafted pieces that would bring soul to your house, turning it into a home sweet home. Whether it is for the living room, dining room, kitchen, office, or even for outside, the store offers eco-accommodating, contemporary assortments, that are built to last for long. Soul & Tables consistently keep track of new designs, themes, and creations. You can go on the store’s website and see for yourself how broad the reach of this store is. So visit Souls & Table to get the best home accessories in Singapore.

Arete Culture

Regardless of whether you need to add a dash of interior excitement to your home, or need custom furniture for your house, Arete Culture is the place to be. Even if you are just searching for some flawless accessories to surprise your companions, drop by the Arete Culture store and you’ll leave with your arms full. This is a leading store in terms of home accessories in Singapore. Even the scents inside the store smell unbelievably amazing. The store is constantly lit with Cochine Candles, which have now become kind of a staple of Arete Culture.

Grey and Sanders

The brilliant team at Gray and Sanders believe that life is excessively short for exhausting furnishings. Their assertion pieces, live-edge tables, and lovely calfskin loveseats highlight natural structures and surfaces. The furniture is sourced right away from the producers. However, they do hand finish a portion of the furniture in Singapore utilizing an exceptional, zero-unpredictable natural compound finish. All of the dazzling, unique live-edge tables at Grey and Sanders have a story to tell. To bring a touch of perfection to your home, visit Grey and Sanders to get the nicest home accessories in Singapore.


Omnidesk™ was founded with a free-spirited and an ambitious objective: to offer height adjustable standing desks at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for healthy-lifestyle conscious businesses. By implementing a direct sales model, bringing design and R&D in-house, and bringing their signature Customer Service (from Aftershock PC and Prism+ sister companies) to engage with customers, they are able to provide higher-quality, better aesthetic, more functional custom standing desks at a fraction of the going market price. Omnidesk™ believes that everyone should have easy access and be able to afford a lifestyle-changing standing desk (or furniture) and even customize it to their needs.

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Hopefully, you would have found the above list of stores helpful in finding the best home accessories in Singapore. Given the variety of choices being offered by the stores mentioned above, you are most likely to find several accessories that would further enhance the splendour of your house.

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