Where to Find Any Current Outdoor Furniture Sale?

by Starry

May 25 2021

Most people tend to be more attracted to outdoor furniture sales because furniture are known to cost a lot. Cabinets, tables, beds, and other furniture are necessary things that a house should have. You should also check the quality of the furniture before buying it. With that, it is important to be updated to the latest sale promos of furniture shops.

Natural Living is a furniture shop that has been manufacturing high quality outdoor furniture ever since the early 1990s. As currently the biggest furniture retailer in Singapore, they are proud to inform that they are the sole distributor of famous brands such as LIFE and Les Jardins that are originally from the Netherlands and France respectively.

From dining sets to balcony sets, Natural Living products could cater to all of your furniture needs. Their products are also made in top quality using weather-resistant materials that makes every penny you pay for it be worth it. In addition to that, Natural Living also has resort furniture such as gazebos and bar stools that you could choose from.  

You can always visit Natural Living’s retail store in Singapore. Their physical store is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM during Mondays to Fridays and 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM during weekends and public holidays. If you want to shop from them, you can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method to make your shopping a lot easier.


Natural Living has always had their outdoor furniture sale. As their products are proven to be of high quality, it is a good choice to buy furniture from them. Another good thing about Natural Living is that they can provide you with all of your furniture needs, thus, you don’t need to go to another store to buy other furniture.

Outdoor Lounge Sets

It is always great to have an outdoor lounge set where you can just chill and relax once in a while. As it can give you the relaxation that you want, it can also add beauty to the whole view of your house and the area surrounding it. Outdoor lounge sets can also be the place where you can entertain your guests. Natural Living has different types of outdoor lounge sets that are listed below.

  • Bite L Sofa with Ottoman
  • Block Lounge Set
  • Cube Lounge Set
  • Delta Lounge Set
  • Fabri Lounge Set
  • Jet Stream Lounge Set
  • Lava L Sofa with Ottoman
  • London Lounge Set
  • Louis Sofa Set
  • Madrid Lounge Set
  • Passion Lounge Set
  • Timber Lounge Set
  • Villa Lounge Set

Outdoor Dining Sets

Natural Living has also made sure that they have dining sets available for you to shop. Outdoor dining sets can become handy whenever you decide to eat outside of your house. Whether you are planning to have a picnic or a barbeque night, these Natural Living outdoor dining sets are perfect for it.  

  • Alexis Dining Set
  • Anabel Dining Set
  • Concept Dining Set
  • Hegoa Dining Set
  • Louis Round Dining Set
  • Milly Dining Set
  • Mixx Dining Set
  • Sand Dining Set

Outdoor Balcony Sets

Another of Natural Living’s products is their outdoor balcony sets. These outdoor balcony sets can be perfect for relaxation in your balcony. If you decide to work on your balcony, these balcony sets will help you get the comfort that you need.

  • Atlantic Balcony Set
  • Florence Balcony Set
  • Oslo Balcony Set
  • Teaser Balcony Set
  • Venice Balcony Set

Resort Furniture

At Natural Living, you can also shop for the resort furniture that you need. Whether you are decorating your new resort or just wanted to have resort furniture, Natural Living has almost all of it for you. Though these are categorized as resort furniture, you can also have this furniture outside of your house.

  1. Bar Sets
  2. Bay Bar Set
  3. Koton Bar Set
  4. Sunlounger
  5. Anabel Sun Lounger
  6. Block Relax Sun Lounger
  7. Delta Sun Lounger
  8. Hegoa Sun Lounger
  9. Joy Sun Lounger
  10. Sense Sun Lounger
  11. Spring Relax Sun Lounger
  12. Yolo Sun Lounger
  13. Accent
  14. Juwel Coffee Table
  15. Tinka Bimp Solar Lantern
  16. Tinka Solar Garden Torch
  17. Tinka Solar Lamp Post
  18. Tinka Solar Teak Lantern
  19. Gazebo
  20. Zayo Gazebo
  21. Parasols
  22. Jagoo Umbrella
  23. Palermo Parasol
  24. Palm Tree Umbrella
  25. Swings
  26. Tropical Swing
  27. Venus Swing


With all of their top quality products, it is safe to conclude that Natural Living is the best to shop for outdoor furniture sales. Their outdoor furniture has also come in different varieties that gives you a wide option to choose from. Shopping for Natural Living products is a lot easier by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method.

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