Where Can You Find Top-Quality Linen Clothing in Singapore?

by Starry

Jun 30 2021

It is always good to wear linen clothing in Singapore. Not just in Singapore, wearing comfortable linen clothing can give you the comfort that you really want to have. Linen clothing is really comfortable to wear. As linen clothing’s texture has its own heat properties,that alone makes it a good conductor for warmth and is also perfect for bedding in the summer.

One of the best shops to find top-quality linen clothing in the whole of Singapore is the Island shop. Founded in 1993, Island Shop has been providing locals with clothing that are relaxed, comfortable, and stylish. The idea of starting Island Shop came from global travel and culture. The brand aims to bring about twists to the modern and urban aesthetic while also embracing artisanal craftsmanship

Island Shop offers a wide range of merchandise and accessories for men and women. Their products pay homage to island-city and bring the fashionable style to different regions of Singapore. They use linen linen with their clothing products because of its cooling comfort and the quality that the fabric provides. With that, customers are assured that they will feel comfortable just by wearing Island Shops clothing.

Currently, Island Shop has physical stores scattered across Singapore. Their Singapore stores are located at Tanglin Mall, TANGS Orchard Level 1, TANGS Orchard Level 2, Isetan NEX Level 2, and etc. Not just that, they also have physical stores in Thailand and Malaysia solidifying their name in Asia.

Another thing is that Island Shop also offers shipping. With that, you can just browse through their website, choose the one you want to buy, and have it shipped to your address. In addition to that, their partnership with Atome also adds to the benefits of shopping from Island Shop. By using Atome as your payment method when you shop at Island Shop, you can choose to pay on instalment plans with zero interest and no hidden fees.  


Island Shop has long been known for producing linen clothing in Singapore. With their top-quality products, locals are treated to a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Dresses, tops, and bottoms are all available at Island Shop.


You can almost shop whatever type of clothing you have in mind at Island Shop. Their products are made available for all the women and men out there. The dresses they produce are also made of linen material. With the different cuts, colors, and designs, women will surely enjoy shopping from them. Their range of available dresses are listed below.

  • Short Dresses
  • Midi Dresses
  • Maxi Dresses
  • Jumpsuit

Aside from dresses, they also have available sleeveless, short sleeved, ¾ sleeved, and long sleeved tops. There are also bottoms sold at Island Shop that will surely fit your top and your overall sense of fashion style. May it be pants, shorts, or crop pants, Island Shop almost has it all.

One thing that you can assure from buying the products of Island Shop is that it will give comfort. Their products are produced and manufactured having comfortness as an inspiration. With that, may it be a dress, a top, or a bottom, you will surely feel cool and comfortable.

The products of Island Shop are also sustainable. They see to it that they utilize Natural Fabrics in creating their products. Currently, the brand is continuing to work hard in becoming a 100% Eco-Friendly Fashion Lifestyle Brand.

Island Collection

Island Shop’s spring collection or island collection of 2021 embodies cheerfulness and exhilaration. The collection is all interpreted in the freedom of traveling to everywhere. And it is reflected through the different unique designs in a palette of eye-catching colors. Some categories of their island collection are listed below.

  • Exuberant Blooms
  • Floral Silhouette
  • Mediterannean Labyrinth
  • Resort Glamour
  • Balinese Renaissance
  • Summer Blossom


Island Shop should be your go-to shop for linen clothing in Singapore. By wearing their products, you are assured of comfortness and sustainability. Your overall look will surely improve with the cool vibe that is also brought to you by their products. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your online payment method whenever you shop from Island shop. Atome’s benefits is an opportunity you never want to miss out on.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

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