What Types of Car Plates Are in Singapore?

by Starry

Apr 01 2021

If you are a new car owner and looking for a car plate sale Singapore, then firstly you should make an investigation, such as what price and style work for you the best.

Every vehicle is unique identified by its registration number. For many years people buy and sell cars and together with this market selling and buying vehicle registration numbers became a totally new business. For some numbers of buyers, there are tons of websites where you can choose from, but usually, you face the same figures with different prices, so you never know which the exact seller of the plate is. Other people use dealers or auctions to buy these plates. But of course, dealers take more, they add some commissions on top of the price and at the end, you get an overpriced vehicle registration number. But for example, in the case of eBay, you pay a listing fee, then buying fee on top of it, so you again wind up with an overpriced item. But there are also direct web pages where you can buy these plates directly from the companies without being cheated.

Safety of a car plate for sale Singapore

There are so many safe companies and dealers in Singapore where you can choose the numbers of vehicle plates, but safety is always a priority and you should know this too.

When the police run a license plate, they can get so much information, such as current and previous owners, registered address, and insurance information, and so on. This information is accessible for police, but if you are not a policeman you can’t get it. But Nonpolice officers also can get this information. There are many web pages with different price points offering fully investigated info on cars and car plates. So try not to share pictures of car plates or at least cover them.

Bidding in car plates

One of the handiest ways is to bid, when you want to get a car pate. There are many websites that offer us to buy a number at different prices, but not so many of them allow us to trade. The advantage of trading is that we can buy the product at a lower price. Of course, the trading prices vary due to the style of the plate number which is varied. For example, we have registration numbers with one, two, three, or four-digits. All these numbers can be already used and this information is also provided in descriptions. Moreover, you can find the vintage plate and a new one on one page. Of course, the more unique these numbers are, the prices are getting higher.

On sale car numbers

As with everything else, the internet gives us the opportunity to shop online, so why not buy car plates online too? There are many very trustworthy companies working in auto selling businesses and at the same time selling plates as well. These web pages very often offer car plates for sale Singapore. Large numbers of these plates don’t sell fast, so dealers arrange product discounts very frequently. So if you don’t mind the specific number you can choose it from sales.

Vintage car plates

Another very popular direction is vintage car numbers, which are getting more popular lately. Since every year new series are coming out everyone knows the numbers which are old or new. That’s why the prices are always more affordable on old ones. This is the main reason why old car numbers are getting more common. They look almost the same and their pricing is lower. What can be better than this deal when you are on a budget?


Having a car means a luxury lifestyle for some people and for these people car plates must be also unique and expensive. For many others, it’s just a comfort in everyday life and for them, no matter the price of the Vehicle registration number. So no one will be surprised if you may prefer to buy a car plate on a discount or with installments. So many companies offer installment payment for so many items and products, we use in everyday life. In addition, you don’t pay more than the product’s real costs, no additional fees or commissions, hence why not use such service when offered?

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