What is The Visual Mass Promotion All About?

by Starry

Jul 01 2021

There are a numerous number of companies that do promote their products in social media and Visual Mass promotion is one of them. Visual Mass is an alternative eyewear company that is based in Singapore. The company has been one of the well-known brands providing a wide range of stylish eyewear for all locals in the country.

Visual Mass was founded and established in January of 2013. The founding of the company came in mind with the inspiration to provide design-conscious eyewears at an affordable price. Their vast collection of eyeglasses offer its valued customers the looks and quality in comfortable frices.

As a lot of locals in Singapore tend to like eyewears that has a stylish design in it, Visual Mass has put a lot of focus in designing their own products. They believe that good looking eyewears can go hand in hand with a good price. In addition to their high quality products, they also offer free eye examination to all customers. They are located at Orchard Gateway in Singapore. They are open from 12:30 PM to 8:30 PM from Mondays to Fridays.

Visual Mass is visited by a lot of customers on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to make an appointment with them before going to their physical store. You can book an appointment with Visual Mass by using Atome as your payment method. Atome offers all its users to pay on installment plans for the products or services of Visual Mass. Moreover, their installment plans have zero interest and no hidden fees.


The Visual Mass promotion has included their mens and womens collection of eyewears. In addition to their own collection, they also give the chance for customers to customize their glasses according to their liking. That is a great advantage for all of its customers. That also shows that the company does not just provide glasses but also beauty and  satisfaction to the one wearing it.


Visual Mass has made available different designs of their mens and womens collection of eyewears. With just an affordable price, you are treated to a whole new level. Aside from the fact that their collection is produced and manufactured in high-quality, they are also stylish and chic. Their collection of eyewear can surely add beauty to your overall outfit of the day.

A blue light filter kind of lens is also available at Visual Mass. Blue light filter lenses can help protect your eyes from glare and can also help reduce the potential damage it can cause to your eyes. In short, it protects your eyes from being exposed to blue light that can damage the condition of your eyes.

Book an Appointment

As Visual Mass is a well-known eyewear brand in Singapore, it is a must to book an appointment before visiting them. Another advantage of booking your appointment ahead is that you can assure yourself that you will be served and catered by the staff of Visual Mass.

When you book an appointment with Visual Mass, you are offered different services. One of them is the eye exam. Their eye exam is also free which is a good advantage for your part. Their qualified eye doctor will test your vision to prescribe you with the correct glasses to wear. The eye exam would also check for common eye diseases and evaluate the overall health of your eyes.

Visual Mass has services like contact lens fitting made available for you. In addition to that, if you have chosen an eyewear from them and you want it to be adjusted, they will be happy to assist you with it. All of these products and services are offered to you by Visual Mass at a very affordable price.


The brand’s products and services are just as good as Visual Mass’ promotion. Their advertising, the quality of their products, and their proven high-quality services has made them one of the sought out eyewear brands in Singapore. You can shop from Visual Mass by using Atome as your payment method. With their zero interest and no hidden fees installment plans, you are guaranteed for an easier and hassle-free transaction.

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