What is The High-Quality Optical Shop Near Me?

by Starry

May 18 2021

You may think to yourself, “what are the optical shop near me” when you need immediate eye care. It is not enough to choose an optical shop just because it is near to you. When looking for an optical shop, you must also consider the quality of service they provide. By choosing an optical shop that is near and has the best service, you are guaranteed that you will be taken good care of.

The Vision Lab Eyewear is a leading optical retailer in Singapore since its establishment in 2014. They strive to educate and infuse the importance of eye care. They make sure that they provide a high quality-service by having the latest state-of-the-art eye equipment. Aside from that, they also accurately assess  your eye health with those equipment.

The Vision Lab Eyewear staff also make sure that every customer gets advice from experts regarding their eye tests that will suit their eye care needs. Through the years, Vision Lab Eyewear has expanded its shops throughout Singapore. Currently, there are 4 Vision Lab Eyewear Labs that are scattered in the country and another one in Russia.

One proof of Vision Lab Eyewear’s outstanding service and performance for eye care is them receiving the Singapore Entrepreneur Award in 2015. With that, it is surely guaranteed that their service is top-notch. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method whenever you do online check-out from Vision Lab Eyewear.

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The Vision Lab Eyewear is what you can consider as “an optical shop near me”. Aside from the fact that their branches are scattered throughout Singapore, they also provide various services for eye care.

Comprehensive Eye care Screening

A thorough and comprehensive eye care screening is needed to identify and detect the problems of your eye. Fortunately at Vision Lab Eyewear, they test the depth part of your retina with the use of the latest eye care devices.  By doing that, they can fully provide you with eye care that is suitable for your eyes. Eye screening at Vision Lab Eyewear includes:

  • Retinal Health,
  • Corneal Conditions,
  • Intra Ocular Pressure,
  • Ocular Hypertension.

State-of-the-Art Eye Care Devices

Aside from their high-quality service, the devices that Vision Lab Eyewear uses are also fully-fledged to cater and test your eyes. These devices will detect all the problems of your eyes that will help eye experts provide you the eye care that you need.

Highly Trained Eye Care Specialists

High-quality devices are nothing without high-quality specialists. At Vision Lab Eyewear, they assure you that their eye care specialists are highly trained to perform their job. They are also experienced ones that will help your eyes get the care that they need. With that, availing Vision Lab Eyewear’s services is never not a good choice.

Dispensing Services

Another good thing about Vision Lab Eyewear is that they are up-to-date with the latest eyewear designs that will truly help you make statements with your eyes. Vision Lab Eyewear has various frames, lenses, and contact lenses that you can choose from. They strive to give their customer style and comfort at such an affordable price. You will be surely satisfied with that.

Contact Lenses Fitting Services

Either you are a first time user of contact lenses or not, Vision Lab Eyewear’s optometrists are trained enough to help you choose the contact lens that will provide you comfort and visual sharpness. They also have fitting sessions for first time users of contact lenses.

Fast Track

At Vision Lab Eyewear, they believe that time is valuable. With their passion to provide optical perfection, all of their retail shops are equipped with high-speed edging machines to form  your selected lens to fit your frames. Moreover, your new eyewear can be collected within an hour.


You will never have to wonder “what are the optical shop near me” because of Vision Lab Eyewear. As they are scattered throughout Singapore, you will have no problem looking for their branches. Their services are tested and proven to be in high-quality as well as their eye care specialists. With all of that, Vision Lab Eyewear is surely the recommended eyewear and eyecare store. Transacting with them online is made easy by using https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method.

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