What is The Difference Between Gaming Chair vs Office Chair?

by Starry

Apr 30 2021

Chairs may be similar in form but somehow there is always a difference especially between gaming chair vs office chair. As there are so many brands that produce high quality chairs, ErgoTune is one of those brands. ErgoTune is a store in Singapore that sells office chairs. They provide high-quality and affordable office chairs that are perfect for home offices. You can always shop through https://www.atome.sg/ if you plan to buy from ErgoTune.

ErgoTune has been the number one rated ergonomic chair producer in Singapore. The office chairs they produce are designed for efficiency to give comfort to different types of body. They also strive to ensure that each of the office chairs they produce will wholly support you and your body no matter what. Aside from that, ErgoTune reviews are also very good that it is highly advisable to shop office chairs from them.

Some may wonder if there is a significant difference between a gaming chair and an office chair. That is why, it is best to tackle this matter first before going deeper about ErgoTune and how they are known to be the leading producers of office chairs.

Design and Aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, it is easy to spot the difference between gaming chair vs office chair. An office chair is usually designed in a discrete manner rather than for it to stand out. Office chairs also have simple features compared to a gaming chair.

Compared to an office chair, a gaming chair is designed to stand out along with a contoured ergonomic design. There are also some gaming chairs that are designed with the inspiration of racing cars.


It is always important to ensure comfort level as it is one of the features a chair should have. Office chairs are seen to be the more comfortable one compared to the gaming chair as it has features that are easy to use. But generally, comfort will always depend on the person sitting on the chair. There are people that will say that they are much more comfortable using the gaming chair instead of the office chair and some say otherwise.


Ergonomics relates to the study of people in a working environment. Most people say that gaming chairs are more designed ergonomically than office chairs. The adjustable seat, armrests, and backrest are the important features that allow longer, and more comfortable sitting position

ErgoTune Office Chairs

Let’s get into the deeper part of the discussion about how the ErgoTune reviews from their buyers. The reason why the buyers were able to conclude that ErgoTune produces the best office chairs is that ErgoTune assures every buyer the specifications below:

  1. Their office chair will support and automatically adjust to fit your lumbar spine’s natural cave.
  2. It is made to provide breathable comfort and durable strength.
  3. You can recline in any way you want.
  4. Their office chairs have headrests that provide full-support to your head and spinal column.
  5. It has full arm support no matter what activity you are doing.

ErgoTune produces office chairs that are proven to be ergonomically designed and are very affordable in price. They believe that ergonomics does not have to be that complicated. With that, they pay close attention to designing ErgoTune products to be adjustable across eleven points from head to toe. As they build office chairs to last, they also offer a long time span of warranty. We are speaking of a 12-year warranty.

Every product from ErgoTune is made efficiently and carefully to fully deliver the through meaning of ergonomics to every buyer. ErgoTune reviews include statements from the buyers that their products are truly comfortable and very affordable.


No matter if you decide to buy between gaming chair vs office chair, you always have to make sure that the chair you will buy provides comfort. You also need to take note that any chair is good as long as it provides the comfort that your body needs. If you happen to need office chairs, you can always shop at ErgoTune through https://www.atome.sg/. As ErgoTune has continuously proved to be the number one rated producer of office chairs, is it safe to say that it is always a good choice to buy from them.

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