What is The Best Indoor Playground in Singapore?

by Starry

May 24 2021

Being stressed during bad weather will always annoy you, thus, it is important to know the best indoor playground in Singapore. Playground is also the best place whenever you just want to enjoy your day and have fun. Wherever you go, may it be an indoor or an outdoor playground, it can surely relieve the stress in yourself.

Happy Castle is an indoor playground based in Singapore that has been making a name for itself. This indoor playground is a perfect place for kids to have fun and practice their motor skills and improve their intelligence. In addition to that, Happy Castle is also a place where you can go relax and bond with your kids.

As a kids indoor playground in Singapore, Happy Castle has been the happy place for the kids in Singapore. With their state-of-the-art facilities, even adults are treated to enjoyment. The play sets of Happy Castle will help develop a kid’s intelligence by tactic simulation while also having fun playing with other kids.

Happy Castle’s outlets are scattered all over Singapore. Currently, they have six available outlets in Singapore where you can bring your kids and have fun. You can choose from either Happy Castle’s 10-hour or 20-hour unlimited use of the indoor playground. For a convenient transaction with them, you can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method.

What to expect?

Happy Castle does not occupy that big of a space but it is one of the most sought out indoor playgrounds in Singapore. Kids that play at Happy Castle tend to enjoy and are comfortable with the play sets prepared by the staff of Happy Castle. The place looks pretty good and well-maintained. Moreover, everything with Happy Castle is generally toddler friendly.

Another great thing about Happy Castle is that it is built and designed to be engaging for a child’s early learning and development. Activities in Happy Castle include everything: a bounce-castle, bricks land, and an art-and-craft zone.

Happy Castle is also a cassia-seed playground. Some of Happy Castle’s highlights include a free flow ice cream, ball pits, and short slides for its members to further bring enjoyment to every kid that plays there.


Admission at Happy Castle is not that costly. The place and the staff of this kids indoor playground in Singapore assures you that your money is worth the experience. You and your kid can enjoy the indoor playground for 10 hours or 20 hours depending on what you want. You can use the facilities in Happy Castle unlimited times for 10 or 20 hours. With their multiple locations, you are given the opportunity for easy access to Happy Castle wherever you are situated in Singapore.

Birthday Party Packages

Happy Castle has provided different sets of birthday packages for all the parents and kids out there. Currently, this kids indoor playground in Singapore has two packages; a regular 4-hour package and a private event package. You can find out more about these packages by reading through the list below.

  1. Regular 4-hour package
  2. 15 kids are allowed to enter for free.
  3. Includes the birthday decoration that will be discussed with the Happy Castle’s staff.
  4. Can also add a host to heighten the enjoyment of the kids.
  5. Disposable cartoon themed tableware shall also be provided.
  6. The party can last upto 4 hours.
  7. Note that prices are different when the event is held on weekdays and weekends.
  • Private Event
  • Upto 60 pax is allowed.
  • Kids activities are already provided.
  • For the birthday decoration, an invitation card is included. You can discuss the theme with a staff of Happy Castle.
  • Disposable cartoon themed tableware is also provided.
  • No public entry.
  • The event can also last for 4 hours, the same with the regular 4-hour package.
  • Prices are also different when the event is scheduled on a weekday or on a weekend.


If you are looking for the best and affordable indoor playground in Singapore, then Happy Castle is for you. With their top quality facilities, your kids can learn and develop their intelligence while also enjoying. Aside from that, they can also interact with other kids that will also improve their socializing ability. You can use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method at Happy Castle for an easy and no hassle transaction.

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