What is The Best Bus Ticket Booking to Use?

by Starry

May 21 2021

Knowing the right bus ticket booking to use is one of the most useful things whenever you are in a hurry or even if you just love travelling to places. Booking a ride or a bus is very convenient nowadays. Aside from it saves you time, it also saves you the hassle of lining up at bus ticket booths to buy your bus ticket.

The good thing is that Easybook, an online booking platform, allows customers to do online bus booking. As Easybook strives to persistently provide customers their best service, their online website is made in a customer-friendly navigation that is very easy to use. Just a few-clicks on their website and you are ready to go. You can always use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method during your checkout.

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First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

Easybook was founded in 2006 and has continuously provided hassle-free online booking services. It was first a one-stop platform which sells bus tickets in Singapore and also Malaysia. The company has now become the largest online booking platform in the whole Southeast Asia by selling more than five million tickets online.

Traveling to different places has never been easier and accessible with Easybook’s online bus booking. Aside from bus tickets, they have expanded their services and have included train, ferry, flight, and car rental services. Receiving various awards in Singapore in the year 2015, Easybook has long proved its high-quality and outstanding services.

Products & Services

Bus tickets

With the technology evolving each and every day, Easybook’s online website has also improved the buying of bus tickets through their online bus ticket booking. There are a lot of advantages that the buying of bus tickets online bring. One of them is that it saves you time especially if you are in a hurry to go to work. Another is that you do not need to go through the long line just to buy a bus ticket.

As Easybook has partnered with over 700 bus operators that are operating in over 20,000 routes across the whole Southeast Asia, you are somehow ensured that you can avail Easybook’s services wherever you are in their covered area. Buying bus tickets with Easybook’s online bus booking is always a good choice.

Train Tickets

Aside from the booking of bus tickets through Easybook’s online bus booking, they also now offer booking of train tickets. Whether you travel for leisure or business, you can always book a train ticket with Easybook.

You can book your train ticket in as short as 5 minutes. Just enter your departure and arrival point, and the date of your travel then you are good to go. You can browse through below the Easybook’s partnered train operators and the country they operate

Singapore – Eastern and Oriental Express

Malaysia – KLIA Ekspres & KTM Train

Indonesia – KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia)

Thailand – Thai Train – State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

Vietnam – King Express, Livitrans Express, New Livitrans, Vietnam Railways, Violette Train

Myanmar – Myanmar Railways

Cambodia – Royal Railways Cambodia

Ferry and Flight Tickets

Booking for sea and air travel are also available at Easybook. Over 100 ferry operators and more than 50 airlines that are scattered across Southeast Asia are partnered with Easybook. And with that, if you ever decide to travel through the sea or air, you can book your ticket online with Easybook’s online website.

Other Services

Easybook has almost had all the services you want. With the continued growth of their brand and company, they are now car rental for those tourists or travelers that want to travel without a car with them. As it is easier to travel with your own source of transportation, it is good to book for a car rental with Easybook whenever you need one. They also have parcel delivery services in Malaysia exclusively.


Not just the bus ticket booking, but also the train, ferry, and flight ticket booking is made easier by Easybook. With just the click of your mouse or the press of your fingers to your phone, you will be able to book a ticket for your travel. May it be a land, sea, or air travel, Easy book has it all catered for you.

To fully enjoy the services of Easybook, use https://www.atome.sg/ as your payment method during your online checkout with them. Go and enjoy your travel with the services of Easybook. Every penny you pay is surely worth it.

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