What is Great about Singtel Services?

by Starry

Apr 07 2021

If you are a Singtel customer then you may already know how to check balance for Singtel prepaid, but if not yet, you may need this information for the future. Nowadays everything connects to our smartphones. We contact each other, buy things, move from one location to another, and find things on the map, share information, and so on. Practically we live in the era of devices and majorly smartphones. As a result of this, telecommunication companies also play a major role in our everyday lives. They try to offer consumers various services on daily basis, improved tariffs in order to attract customers.

Singtel company overview

Singapore telecommunication is one of the largest companies in Asia, with its key business in Singapore and Australia. They are a merger between the Singapore Telephone Board and the telecommunications Authority of Singapore. Singtel became a public company in the early ’90s and they used to offer shares for sales to Singaporeans. They were monopolizing the telecommunication industry in Singapore until the government decided to terminate this. This act played a huge role since after years other companies also started growing one by one. Despite the fact that Singtel faced some competition, still they are market leaders in the respective countries, and still we can see potential growth. But before we decide to invest in a company, or start working with them, firsthand we should at least know how to check balance for Singtel prepaid.

Singtel Products

Together with being a telecommunications company offering services, Singtel also offers consumers new technologies. You can find a various list of phones, tablets, smart home devices, mobile accessories, TVs, devices, gadgets, and lifestyle services here. The web page is very easy to use and order a product online, with just several steps. The company also offers customers discounts on both products and services, which makes Singtel Service even more attractive. It is very smart when the product and the service are sold in one company when it comes to telecommunications.

Singtel Services

The company also sells services, such as telephone services, SIM cards for tourists and locals, roaming, 5G internet, TV Channels, Wi-Fi services, and so on. Practically everything that telecommunication company must offer. Together with all of this, the company also offers postpaid and prepaid plans, so what is this, and how to check balance for Singtel prepaid and postpaid?

Tips for how to check balance for Singtel prepaid

Singtel postpaid service is a variety of services listed on their web pages, with different price points. You easily can get the offer you choose, order it and after one month you pay for the service. You practically buy monthly services for the long run and as a result, you get a major discount. Service deals are like this, you buy a specific amount of GB and you get free access to different services.

Singapore’s first digital self-registration with prepaid Hi SIM card, Singtel prepaid customers can now register for a SIM card on their own, simply pick up a cell prepaid hi SIM card from their authorized prepaid retailers. You can then within the comfort of your home register it with five simple steps. First of all, you should download hi app, click register new SIM card. Enter your ID details, then enter mobile details. Follow with scanning and uploading ID. And last but not least facial recognition. After that, you get the authorization and can start texting and calling. The application also will give you updated information about the Singtel prepaid balance.


We have already mentioned the list of products and services Singtel offers its consumers. Smartphones, TVs, and smart home devices are not affordable for everyone’s taste so the consumer is always very satisfied when companies offer discounts on Sintel prepaid or postpaid balances. The company also offers extra free services in case we buy specific products. So what can be better than the discount or special offers? So many companies offer spit payment when it comes with any product, now no matter if this is expensive or not expensive. There is a very trustworthy company offering us split payments for our preferences, without extra fees and service commissions. When it comes to the product that costs almost all your salary amount, of course, you would like to split and pay the rest amount next months.

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