What are some of the Singapore’s bestselling products of Hollister Singapore?

by Starry

Nov 10 2021

Hollister Singapore, or what is often called HCo, is a popular brand, while it has a lot of variety to its products worldwide.

The products that are highly recognized and marked as high-class products are its logo tees, the knits, the shirts and sweatshirts, the pants, jeans, shorts, along with the outwear, winter wear, caps, hats, scarves, accessories, flops, belts as well as personal care products. These personal care products include colognes, perfumes, gloss products, and body care products as well.

These high quality products can be bought through ZALORA, as it is the leading online fashion market.

Target Markets of Hollister Singapore

The Hollister brand specifically targeted teens and people in their early 20’s. They have produced and advertised mainly for people aged from 14 to 18 and from 18 to 23. All of the products for the specified target audience and people are available on ZALORA in great quality.

Type of Brand

Hollister is a brand owned by an American fashion brand that itself is extremely trendy and is inspired by casual outfits and accessories, i.e., Abercrombie and Fitch. Hollister Singapore is a subsidiary of this brand, and it is categorized as an upscale American retailer while focusing on the demands and needs of young customers.

The Hollister Co celebrates a great sense of endless summer and casual chic styles in its collections. It is mostly inspired by California’s laid-back and carefree attitudes, where the sun is mostly out. Hence, we can see it is a seasonal clothing line that mainly focuses on summer products but produces for other seasons alongside.

The Hollister Co being available through ZALORA has made it easy for a lot of customers to locate their products and purchase them.

Unique approach to Hollister

Hollister is available in the US, Canada, Hollister Singapore, and many other international websites and can be delivered in many countries. However, it focuses more on providing unique and comfortable in-store experiences due to its good customer service.

Even though the in-store experience is emphasized, Hollister is still available in most countries through online shopping. It is available mostly through the leading online fashion market known as the ZALORA, which deals with all sorts of high quality fashion and products.

Hollister Singapore delivers its highest standard products and services overall to make sure they cater to their customer’s needs and demands.

Hollister Singapore online

To shop online through the Hollister Singapore online web store, one must ensure they are looking to purchase the most genuine and first-quality products and should be prepared to choose amongst a variety. This variety is easily available through ZALORA.

Clothing for girls

Hollister includes many varieties and products in the clothing and accessories sections for the girls. These products are mostly made according to what teens and 20’s age groups are wearing nowadays, including the trends.

Hollister has a good staple for any closet, and its vibe completely matches the target audience. They include baggy jeans to the classic black skinny jeans for girls, and then there are dress skirts and varieties in that area.

Most of the looks and outfits introduced on Hollister tend to look effortlessly nice and focus on seasonal dressing.

You can buy these looks from ZALORA, as it includes all high quality and trendy wear for girls.

Swimsuits for girls

The Hollister swimwear ranges from strappy off-shoulder swim tops to lacy and trimmed triangle tops as well. It features a wide range of bikini and swimwear sets.

Clothing for guys

The Hollister clothing for guys mostly includes products that focus more on quality, comfort, and style in their minds. This helps them choose a variety for themselves, as they can select clothing according to the types of activities they do. There can be a separate area from which they can choose their gym clothes, and then there is a variety of casual products.

From gym clothes and sleepwear to night-out attires- Hollister includes a wide variety for men through which they can style themselves depending on the type of mood they are in for the day. These are guy’s cardigans and basic tees and jeans jackets and puffers included in the men’s products.

The high-class products are mostly related to men’s and women’s clothing. They include swimwear, loungewear, and basic casual tees, which help them feel comfortable on a casual day, and some outfits that help them get ready for a night out.


The Hollister brand being a subsidiary, still has a lot of audience and attraction due to its ability to understand the needs and demands of its target audience. They tend to launch products according to their likes and dislikes and focus on trend shifts as well. One can shop online through the Hollister websites and pay through Atome.

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