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by Starry

Aug 09 2021

It is difficult to find unique and beautiful wedding gifts all on a single platform. We find it hard to search for elegant and reasonable items for wedding functions. But Dreamscaper provides you with all these items on a single platform. Their main objective is to save your money and time and make your event memorable and beautiful for you.

Dreamscaper, a Singaporean brand, has a great variety for clients. Their main rental duration lasts for about four days. It means that we provide enough time to our renters to collect items and return them within four days.

Custom props:

The company provides special custom props that our customers can purchase at their events, weddings or any kind of show. They have beautifully crafted designs on our website from which customer chooses the one that they want. These props are usually designed according to your requirement.

They also provide a beautifully designed decal with having a couple of names on it. It can also be personalized according to your desire. In addition to this, they also provide strong adherence to smooth, flat and hard surfaces like acrylic, glass, etc.

Bespoken packages:

From the birth of a child to the two souls starting their lives, Dreamscaper makes every treasured moment worth celebrating. Their affordable decoration packages are crafted so that they symbolize joy and love on the important occasion of your life. For instance, it will make your birthday celebration. Wedding proposal, or result day worth living. Whatever the event may be, it will provide you with an ideal decoration package. These bespoke packages include the following:

1. Marriage proposal package:

Make your moment something special with Dreamscaper. They provide affordable and highly crafted marriage proposal packages for you. And to make your event special, you don’t have to go out of your budget. To promise a lifetime together with your loved one, you don’t have to worry about the required range.

In addition to the package, customers can also select other items for the décor, such as photo backdrop, fairy lights, etc., to give a meaningful and complete proposal experience.

2. Wedding reception:

The bespoken collection of wedding packages provides you to plan an intimate, small-scale wedding. The affordable and exquisite packages enables you to plan a memorable event. And you do not have to break the budget to impress your guests. You can choose from their selection category and select the package which suits you perfectly.

You can get a modern type of setting or a season of love sort of décor for your event. And it can also be a seaside garden setting, totally depends on your preferences. It can be a perfect option for a wedding gift.

3. Wedding solemnization:

Their bespoken packages provide wedding solemnization packages in an affordable range in Singapore. You can choose the ROM décor package from our exquisite collection and make your event worth living. If you want a lavender touch in your event, then you can go for the enchanted Provence. Your venue will be filled with lilac-purple flowers and a backdrop of lavender fairy lights filling the place with a sweet fragrance.

Celebrate your happiness by enjoying their captivating Sakura Garden package. Dreamscaper will provide you with our lovely table props inspired by cherry blossoms of Taiwan and Japan which were blooming in springtime. They also provide other oriental themes like Grand union or double happiness for the wedding gift.

The grand union ROM solemnization is a combination of classic and grandeur. Dreamscaper will provide a set of table props that are perfect and worthy for your venue. The décor has a wine-red color design with a white backdrop.

4. Birthday celebration:

Hosting a party is a difficult task whether you are first –timer or a host. Worrying about the décor is the last thing you want to do in organizing a big event. By planning your event with them, you don’t have to worry about the decoration. Dreamscaper can be a perfect solution for your party. It will make your event stress-free, worthy and fun.

Their nautical party theme provides Blue Ocean and décor for your little one’s first birthday or your baby shower. Dreamscaper will provide you with a nautical party prop and decorate the venue with a combination of white and blue.

You can also impress your guests with a party pushcart. They will arrange a functional pushcart of white color decorated with pearl pink and white color. It can be sued as an alternative to the dessert table. The rose-colored balloon and white backdrop are a must add-on in the package, which will make your experience worth celebrating.

5. Singaporean Props Rental:

If you don’t want to take the complete package, they can also offer you separate props. They include artificial flowers, jars, plants, traditional cultural design, and a photo booth backdrop. We also provide exquisite fairy lights for your event. These decoration items can also be given as a wedding gift. Therefore, make your event worth celebrating with us.

Why buy with ATOME?

If you are searching for the props that can be used in your event, then contact Dreamscaper, which has collaborated with Atome to make your day memorable and beautiful at a reasonable rate. By collaborating with Atome or customers will gain profit. This is because we divide the whole payment into three parts to make it easy for our customers to pay. But providing this convenience does not mean that we will compromise on the quality of our products. Therefore, you will get the best results at a reasonable rate. Hence if you want to give a reasonable wedding gift to anyone, you can contact Dreamscaper.

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