7 Fascinating TV Console Designs You’ll Love to see in 2022

by Starry

Jan 24 2022

A TV console is a lifesaver and enhances your entertainment experience, whether you choose to mount your TV on the wall or set it on a stand. A well-designed TV cabinet will not only improve the appearance of your living room but will also provide ample storage for media requirements. When you get your media set up exactly so, you can binge-watch timeless masterpieces. We present to you our latest selection of console ideas for your living room, which includes everything from glossy freestanding ones to elegant wall-mounted TV consoles. Let’s begin!

  1. Black TV console with a gleaming finish

If you enjoy watching movies or listening to music with excellent sound quality, this TV console-style will appeal to you. This TV cabinet has plenty of surface area to store all of your precious records and media needs. To make it all appear like one unit, choose a matching home theatre system. The glossy black finish gives this room a contemporary feel.

  1. TV cabinet made entirely of wood

This is for everyone who likes all things wood. Dark wood has a certain allure, and this TV console table design complements the wall panel wonderfully. This item is similar to a mid-century modern sculpture, although it has cleaner lines. The sombre concept is continued with black shelves in the centre.

  1. Modern TV stand with storage drawers

This beautiful TV console is a one-of-a-kind design that resembles a horizontal version of Tetris. This console unit is a sleek piece of furniture with just closed storage to safeguard your media requirements from dust. The TV and projection system is hidden away in recesses, giving the room a tidy appearance.

  1. Mid-century contemporary TV console with a small footprint

This little TV console stand can come in useful if you don’t want to take up too much space in your living room but still require storage. This mid-century modern style TV cabinet is utilitarian and sleek, with a solid wood frame and splayed legs. It offers stability to your living space, also, the style of TV console is quite reasonably priced.

  1. Shelves and a TV console made of wood

This TV console is made up of light laminates that are complemented by white. This sophisticated TV station features open shelves and cabinets and is both attractive and functional. This TV console is sectioned off and elevated on a platform with wooden rafters on one side. Fill the space with speakers and plants.

  1. Laminate TV stand

Who said marble and laminate couldn’t go together? The marble-look wall is a terrific cost-effective alternative to the real thing. To complement the backdrop, you can put black beading on both edges of the TV console table. In such a design, remote controls and joysticks are easily accessible because of the open chambers.

  1. TV console in an industrial style

This is one of the most appealing television console designs. It resembles a hollow rectangular box hung on the wall. Despite its laminate appearance, it appears to be part of the house’s industrial style. With cement screed walls as a backdrop, this grey TV console design can capture everyone’s hearts!

How to choose the best TV console for your place?

If you’re set on bringing home a 40- or 50-inch TV for theatre-quality watching, consider how much wall or floor space you’ll need to accommodate such a large screen. To avoid unwanted overhang, search for TV consoles that are wider than your display where space allows, especially if your TV is in the centre of the room. Although a flat-screen TV usually includes a foundation for appropriate weight distribution, if the TV stand is too narrow, you risk hitting or tipping your display. You should also make sure that the stand can hold the weight of your flat-screen TV. Craning your neck at odd angles for hours is extremely inconvenient, your TV stand should place the screen at eye level. The ideal TV height is 42 inches; however, the optimal position is determined by the height of your sofa or chairs. When sitting, measure your eye level to ensure the centre part of the TV isn’t too much over your line of vision. Consider investing in a TV stand with a mount that allows you to alter the display’s height as needed. Working with a tiny or oddly shaped space does not mean you have to forego your ideal television. When the available space for your TV doesn’t comfortably line up with your seating, choose a swivel TV stand to find your optimal viewing angle. A corner TV stand allows you to cram a large display into a small space, but a wall-mount TV stand allows you to move around more freely or entertain guests. A wall console is beneficial for adding storage space to the room, even if you mount the TV without a stand.

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