Top best-known tailors in Singapore

by Starry

Jul 08 2021

Tailoring involves the art of cutting, designing, stitching, and finishing clothes. It comes from a Latin word, which means “to cut.” Tailoring also involves the alteration and modification of already stitched clothes. Bespoke tailoring involves the making of clothes based on special patterns and is stitched by hand. Bespoke clothing involves the best quality clothing material and an individual pattern by scratch. Men mostly prefer bespoke tailoring for their clothes because of their unique pattern and amazing quality. Red Dot Bespoke are the best tailors in Singapore.

It is a basic traditional clothing style and is also customized for a person. Most clothes are just designed on a basic pattern of body proportion, but to get comfortable clothes for different body proportions, customized clothing is the best option for every individual. There is a slight difference between bespoke and made-to-measure clothes because of the unique pattern of bespoke tailoring. Bespoke clothes stay in their original form for such a long time. They can be repaired easily as they are already handmade—the stitching and alteration of different fabrics. Cotton, lawn, silk, leather, etcetera is possible using bespoke tailoring technique.

Are you looking for the best tailors in Singapore? When it comes to the tailoring profession, many people show concerns if they want to pursue this career as a tailor because, in many regions, it has not as good a reputation as an engineer or professor, because there’s not a proper educational degree before starting a career as a tailor. Therefore, this hasn’t gained good recognition in society. Tailoring itself is such a humble and noble profession, and its importance has gradually been recognized in society. 

It is really not an easy job to stich suits according to your client’s needs. You need to be a bit more practical while stitching. So, what I am trying to elaborate is you need someone professional to do the job. Taking thing in your hand won’t get you benefits at all.

Best Tailors in Singapore

Bespoke tailoring has become one of the most reliable tailoring options in Singapore. To find a financially accessible and comfortable place for bespoke tailoring in Singapore, the Red dot bespoke is the best option. Red dot Bespoke is a men’s clothing brand consists of unique pattern and design. They will design clothes according to the individual specifications of the customer. You can book an appointment online for measurements through time, and you don’t need to pay the whole payment at once. This men’s clothing store is one of the foremost bespoke tailoring brands in Singapore. Their elegant designs of clothes, honest consultants who provide you the best bits of advice and suggestions, and experienced stylists help it include in the top best tailors in Singapore. Red dot bespoke provide you with highly trained and professional tailors who can get things easier for you, you can contact them to see trending designs and prices for those designs. They are the best tailors in Singapore and will certainly help you with design and stitching. After getting pro tailors you need to buy them. ATOME is the place where you can get your cloths at home without visiting the store. In COVID day, it is hard to get out and you shouldn’t take risks when a trusted company is offering you such amazing deals.

How to shop through ATOME (buy now, pay later)

ATOME provides the opportunity of purchasing things anytime you would like without getting worried about payment. It is an online payment procedure with which you can purchase the items on time and pay later. By picking ATOME as your payment method, you can pay 1/3rd of the payment at the time of purchase and pay the rest of the payment in later months. You can trace your bills to know how much amount has to be paid. You will get notified whenever your payment cycle will be completed. ATOME has zero hidden charges and an interest-free payment method. If, in case, you miss your payment within the due date, your account will automatically be suspended. Then to reactivate your account, you would have to pay 20$. If this fee is not submitted in seven days, you would have to pay an additional 10$. 

Steps to select ATOME as the payment method

  • Open the “Red Dot Bespoke” official website and start shopping. Then for the method of payment, choose ATOME. 
  • If you haven’t created your ATOME account yet, then sign up for the account, it’s so easy to make, and you will get a verification email a few times.
  • After signing in, you can buy the product and pay one-third of the payment and the rest in later months. 
  • You can also shop at ATOME at the offline store by scanning a QR code at the cashier. You can also deposit an extra amount in your debit card connected to your ATOME account for the auto deduction.

You can sign up to create an account on ATOME,

So, get ready and check online best tailors in Singapore to see their amazing stuff. Don’t be late if you need discounts and want to pay in installments.

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