The Journey of Excel Hardware from Brick and Mortar to the Digital World

by Starry

Nov 23 2021

Excel Hardware is a well-known hardware retailer specialising in kitchen accessories, LED lighting, and smart furniture. It has grown from selling just 50 goods two decades ago to over 2,000 clients who now have access to over 12,000 products and services ranging from interior fittings to architectural components.

Industry participants are strengthening their capacities to meet up with market expectations as more businesses go digital. Excel Hardware improved their company operations using technology and e-commerce solutions with the help of a Business Advisors. They have a fantastic assortment of everything you’ll need to make your makeover more modern and functional. It was one of the first companies in the business to have a website with an online catalogue for clients to view 12 years ago.

How Excel Hardware revolutionized the interior design market

Excel Hardware was one of the first companies in the business to have a website with an online catalogue for clients to view 12 years ago. It has now taken things a step further by launching an e-commerce site. Clients may now make orders and pay directly through the Internet, thanks to an e-commerce platform aimed for interior designers.

Prospective shoppers may explore the catalog in person and purchase things online by scanning a quick response (QR) code with their cellphones.

How is Excel Hardware improving the lives of their users?

The kitchen is where you spend the most of your time at home. It’s where you cook, eat snacks, and get together with your family if there’s a dining space nearby. As a result, it’s preferable to make it as user-friendly as feasible.

Excel Hardware offers a wide choice of home storage solutions that are ideal for addressing the daily problems that every Singaporean experiences as a result of the country’s space shortage.

“The Excel vision as a Singapore brand is to promote a better living for everyone.” “We work very hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers by optimizing our whole value chain, discouraging over-profiteering by middlemen, building long-term supplier relationships, and investing in highly autonomic technologies,” says the company.

Excel Hardware sell their products and services in Malaysia, Myanmar, Panama, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, Venezuela, and Thailand.

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