The Growing Appeal of Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Singapore

by Starry

Apr 16 2021

Combining the fun of gaming with the need for some physical activity is a truly innovative idea. Making people exercise, while they are playing a fun and enjoyable game, is a great way to combine something people should be doing with something that they like to do. Even though it is promoted primarily as a game, and not as exercising equipment, Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore is certainly a fitness-themed game. There are several aspects that have led to an increasing interest in this game, not just from gaming enthusiasts but from a broader audience that is looking for a fun way to work out.

What is Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore?

Nintendo Switch ring fit Singapore is a fitness adventure game where players take turns to perform role-playing activities, while the primary villain of the game is a body-building dragon. The game comes equipped with two innovative peripheral devices:

  • Ring Con
  • Leg Strap

Due to the addition of these peripheral devices, one’s entire body moves while playing the game. Nintendo Switch ring fit Singapore requires a player to move his arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, back, buttocks, legs, among other body parts.

The “Adventure” program of the game, in particular, presents the players with the opportunity to enroll in a kind of prolonged fitness regime. It becomes easy for players to indulge in the long-term program because they enjoy the adventurous fantasy of the fictional world of the Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore.

 If “Adventure” programs feel like a lot of commitment, then players can simply choose “Mini-games”, instead. These games are easy to begin. Players can also start with a “Set Menu”, that enables them to consistently take part in a set of fitness activities. Incorporating a spectrum of diverse styles, the game offers players an over-the-top fantasy where they get to defeat opponents, have fun, while also indulging in physical activity.

Features of Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore

Below are some of the highlights of this intriguing adventure cum workout game:

  • Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore aptly combines aspects of workout routines with the fun and adventurous thrill of playing a fantasy game.
  • Players can level up their character and themselves.
  • Players can wander around the fantasy world and explore the inner-world of Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore.
  • In order to beat their opponents at the game, players get to undertake real-world activities.
  • Several levels require the players to jog, or sprint, or high knee.
  • Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore comes with a newly introduced ring-con and leg strap accessories, that provide players with control over in-game movements. The Ring-Con comprises the right Joy-Con. It is a resistance ring that players can squeeze, pull, or rotate. Whereas, Leg Strap is an accessory that players can attach to their left thigh, in order to keep an eye on metrics such as their running speed, squat.
  • Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore is available in two languages:
    •  English, and
    • Chinese.

How does the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Singapore differ from other games?

Nintendo has definitely been at the forefront of constantly improving and innovating games in a way that appeals to a broader audience. Some of the greatest games by Nintendo that have this X-factor, include the classic original Wii Fit. Millions of users were excited about having a game like Wii Fit, that would allow them to exercise while watching TV.

However, Wii Fit never managed to function satisfyingly as a video game, and largely functioned as something that helped people do light workouts. Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore is a notch above the gaming experience offered by Wii Fit. Below are some of the key points about Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore that makes its gaming experience unique, in comparison to other fitness-themed games:

  • Unlike Wii Fit, Ring fit adventure qualifies as a video game in its truest sense, because it is an RPG in its own right. Players get to explore the game’s fictional world, fight monsters, win rewards or accumulate weapons and perks, just like in any of the commonly played video games.
  • There are plenty of real-life actions that players are required to perform. These activities make for a good workout routine. Actions include:
    • Actual squats,
    • Crunches, and
    • Downward-dogging
  • By using the Ring-Con in hand and attaching the Leg Strap, players can navigate to as many as 20 diverse worlds within the game.
  • With Ring-Con and Leg Strap, players will also get to fight with monsters using more than 40 different “Fit Skills”. These “fit skills” include:
    • Arms splits
    • Leg splits
    • Abs workouts
    • Yoga Stretches, among other skills.


Nintendo switch ring fit Singapore has managed to accomplish something truly fantastic here. It has made exercising fun for people. People tend to do things willingly if they enjoy doing them, as then it does not remain a chore that needs to be done. Rather, it becomes something that they look forward to doing, every day. Hence, there is a greater chance that people will stick with the game for a long-time and would experience the positive changes of all that physical activity. This is one of the primary reasons driving the popularity of this game.

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