The Curve Cult—The Best Plus Size Clothes in Singapore.

by Starry

Jun 23 2021

Every person should be loved, valued, and complimented. No one should feel less precious than others. Everyone is beautiful in his way. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, whether in their appearance or personality, or nature. People have characterized beauty as a perfect slim, fit body. But this is not true at all. You should be confident even if you are plus-size because if you are not confident about your size, how can you expect people to like you the way you are? Many of the world’s population is obese or overweight.

They oversize people especially find it difficult to get a perfect dress of their size. Not all brands launch plus sizes in their collection. The curvy dresses are hard to find at shopping stores, and sometimes plus size women can’t wear the outfit they loved only because they couldn’t get the size. Shopping is not always fun for everyone because, for curvy women, it’s quite a task to find a perfect size for them. According to research, more than 65% of American women wear size 14 or plus.

So, this is possible that plus-size women may get their sizes, but that design or print might not be in fashion or too expensive. Some plus-size women make their clothes on order, but it might end up being too much expensive. The curvy women are devoid of up-to-date or trendy dresses because of their bigger proportion sizes. Most of the women are indeed shopaholics, and they love to buy everything from households to fashion so that they could cope up with this glam world. The term plus-size sometimes seems politically incorrect, and it becomes a reason of offense for some people. So nowadays, most of the brands have introduced a new term that is quite less controversial and contentious, that’s “curvy.” 

Where to Shop Curvy dresses in Singapore?

Who said that curvy women couldn’t stay in their outfits? All they have to do is to seek confidence in themselves, and they could glam it up. The more you feel comfortable in your outfit, the prettier you will look. It’s so frustrating to experience that you see some beautiful dress on the store’s website and you love that, but when you wanted to shop it, you couldn’t get your size. Yes, this feeling is awful. But there are some famous brands in Singapore especially focused on curvy dresses having sizes 14 or higher.

When you’ve got a curvy body, you must need a perfect, comfortable dress to flaunt your body. Shopping becomes so much burden and stress for plus-size women, before going to shop, there’s a lot of things happening in their mind whether they would find their sound or come back to their home empty-handed. So here we have tracked down some famous plus-size clothing brands in Singapore. 

The Curve Cult–Plus-size clothing brand in Singapore

The Curve Cult one of the leading high-end brands of today’s world, has launched their collections for size 25 or higher. The stores, especially in Singapore, stock their plus-size quite often. It’s okay if you couldn’t find your size at your nearest store, you can check online. The brand is known as the leader of the fast fashion industry.

The curve cult brand is the best plus-size clothing brand in Singapore, from swimwear and sports clothes to dresses and jeans; it provides the best quality plus-size clothes. It is a fashion retailer usually known for the best quality curvy dresses that are comfortable and stylish.

This is the fashion brand in Singapore provides categorized clothing for plus-size women. The best quality clothing of up-to-date fashion and glam. The super comfortable and enjoyable clothing especially focuses on curvy women. Due to the pandemic situation, you can shop online at stores or book a virtual session to get an idea of the selection of sizes at online stores. 

How to shop Curvy dresses on ATOME?

ATOME is an online interest-free payment method through which you can buy things at a time and can pay later. By choosing ATOME as your payment method, you can pay 1/3rd of the payment at the time of shopping and pay the rest of the payment in later months. You can trace your bills to know how much amount has to be paid. You will get notified when your payment cycle will be completed. ATOME has zero hidden charges and an interest-free payment method. If in case you miss your payment within the due date, your account will automatically be disabled. Then to reactivate your account, you would have to pay 20$. If this fee is not submitted in seven days, you would have to pay an additional 10$. Atom is only valid when you link your Singapore-issued debit card to your ATOME account, and the amount will also be paid in SGD currency. 

Steps to select ATOME as the payment method

  • Open “The Curve Cult” official website and start shopping. Then for the method of payment, choose ATOME. 
  • If you haven’t created your ATOME account yet, then sign up for the account, it’s so easy to make, and you will get a verification email a few times.
  • After signing in, you can buy the product and pay one-third of the payment and the rest in later months. 
  • You can also shop at ATOME at an offline store by scanning a QR code at the cashier. You can also deposit an extra amount in your debit card connected to your ATOME account for an auto deduction.

Now sign up to create an account on ATOME,

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