The Best Shawl in 2021 by Haya

by Starry

Jul 28 2021

Fashion comes in many forms, some of which are not as popular. The shawl is one of them. There are many shawl meanings. In each place, people know it from different names. However, most people call it a shawl. The shawl is included in women’s clothing. The shawl is considered one of the best items of clothing in many places and cultures. Today we bring the best shawl from the Haya outlet in Singapore. This article is the guide towards shawl meaning and its alternatives. The shawl is the best wearing item for girls. It is all based on the wearing style. You can wear it in casual way as well as in a more stylish way. Different regions and cultures wear it in different ways. 

The shawl is loosely worn on the shoulder or over the upper body, or in many cases, over the head. The show is a beautiful item of cloth. It comprises many varieties and designs. It gradually changes with the change of clothing styles and fashions. The shawl is a pretty item that is worn in different types. Most of them used it as a scarf and others to cover their heads. On the other hand, it is widely used for fashion. Girls typically wear it around their necks, making it more stylish. Likewise, many people wear it according to their needs.

There are many types of shawls available. They define the shawl meaning in various ways. The shawl is a casual outfit. Most of them call it shawl pashmina, which comes from Kashmir. The shawl is the perfect way of improving your looks and style. The Haya outlet in Singapore is producing one of the best shawls for the people of Singapore. They have so many bright types and designs in them. You will be delighted with their products. 

Shawl Meaning:

While there are many meanings of a shawl, the most common one is that it is a woolen cloth that a woman generally wears over her neck, shoulders, and head. It is even used to wrap around the babies to keep them warm. It is the fundamental element of many wearing items. Likewise, over the shoulder, it is more stylish and for casual styling.

Other names of scarf:

Just like the different shawl meanings, the names of it are likewise different. The most common name used for the shawl is

  • Shawl
  • Pashmina
  • Warp 
  • Cap 
  • Scarf

These are the most common ones. Still, there are many names for it. Different cultures call it in different ways. The types of the shawl are also called with different names. Initially, it is from Kashmir. People in the middle east and the western call it with different names.

History of Shawl:

The sources report that shawl or pashmina came from Kashmir. Sayeed Ahmad Hamdani introduced the crafts on the shawl. It was when he came to Ladakh. Then during that century, it became one of the items of clothing around the world. There are many shawl variants, called with different names. With tons of designs, it gradually changes the look of a person. The type which is made for cold places is worn a lot.

Types of shawl:

There are many types of the shawl. Kashmiri as it is basically available originally. There are many variants of Kashmir shawl available. The different types are worn on many occasions. Some of them are very famous. 

Following are the different types of shawl pashmina and warp. It can also be called the type of Kashmiri shawl.


This is one of the shawls that have embroidery work done over the boundaries. The difference between it and the other shawl is that there is no embroidery in the middle of the shawl. Most of them are wearing them. This one is mainly worn by old age people, due to the low designs and colours.


The width of need or types is 3-4 inches. Likewise, the neemdoor also has embroidery work on the shawl boundaries. 


This type of shawl is the same as the need door or harshidaar. The work of embroidery is done with 4-5 inches.

There are many other types of shawls available. These are the most famous and used ones. Haya outlet Singapore is providing each one of them. The shawl meaning is deeply defined. I hope you understand what shawl actually is.

About Haya:

Haya is one of the sophisticated outlets of scarf shawl hijabs. They are providing comfortable, smooth and high-quality hijabs, shawls and pashminas. With the free shipping and high materialistic quality, they provide the best experience to the people of Singapore. As they are an eCommerce website-based business, it is achieving some significant levels. You can easily order their products in easy instalments over time. You will be wholly delighted with their product.

Moreover, they brought many designs and colours. They manufacture it by themselves. The design has greatly influenced the people around Singapore. They are known for their best hijabs and scarves. 


The shawl is the best clothing item in the world. Moreover, this will provide the best experience of clothing. There are many types and shawl meanings in different countries and places. The shawl is a perfect way of warming yourself. So keep doing the best styles with the shawl. This article is the guide towards the shawl. After reading this, you would be able to know about shawl meaning, its types and history. You will be delighted with the product of Haya. There are many types and designs available in Haya. You would have so many choices to choose between them. 

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