The Best Online Sports Shop in Singapore: Qoolmart

by Starry

Jun 23 2021

In today’s world, sports are not just a source of entertainment, and it is also a gateway to good health. Because of our heavy dependency on machines, we need to actively involve ourselves in sports. However, since our spaces are compromised, we need specialized gear/machines for our workouts or sports. QOOLMART offers a solution to your sports needs by offering you a variety of sports gear that includes your gear and sports needs and accessories and health supplements. This is why QOOLMART claims to be the best Online Sports Shop in Singapore. 

If you are concerned for your health or just need to follow your passion for sports, all you have to do is log in to QOOLMART and select your gear. Do not worry about your finances because nothing is more precious than your health, both mental and physical. At ATOME, recognize your need to fulfill your desires; hence we offer an interest-free payment plan to break up your payment into three simple installments that you can pay easily. Now you enjoy working out or playing your sport without worrying about payments.


Are you a swimming freak? Does water help you relax? If so, then you have come to the right spot. QOOLMART offers all sorts of equipment for you to browse through. You can find the ideal swimwear here, from full bottoms to shorts; we have all varieties. QOOLMART chooses the best for you. The varieties include, especially, formulated aero-fit swimsuits. It has been customized to minimize the drag in water which gives maximum flow through it. The goggles on the site are chosen because of their better quality of hydra vision. They even have the same high-quality goggles for kids, built in smaller sizes to fit well. What is more, you can have customized swimwear caps that have been modeled for greater elasticity and comfortability. 


Cycling is a great way of connecting with nature. It’s also one of the best exercises. It not only helps in reducing weight but also is a great way of strengthening your muscles. However, you should have the right accessories with you. QOOLMART, being a complete online sports shop in Singapore, offers a complete range of these. From helmets to tires, this online shop covers all your requirements. There is even a variety of headwear. A lightweight headband keeps your hair out of your eyes. It is designed to give maximum ventilation and minimum sweat accumulation. They offer suitable tops for both men and women. Funky as well as high-quality road shoes are also available. The right type of socks is equally important.


This is a strenuous exercise that requires the perfect gear. QOOLMARTbeing, a complete online sports shop in Singapore, offers the best in this line. They have clothes that offer maximum ventilation, headwear that offers sunshade and ice compressors, calf sleeves, socks jackets; QOOLMART offers it all. 


Camping is a fun activity that teaches you a lot. It teaches you endurance and survival. You need to be properly equipped for it. QOOLMART is an online sports shop in Singapore that offers all varieties. From there, you can get collapsible cups and pots to suitable apparel that is comfortable and offers maximum protection from bugs. There are air chairs, hammocks, and even body lotions to protect you from sun rays. There are even waterproof tablet covers because QOOLMART thinks it all for you.


Running is an exhilaration in itself. QOOLMART wants to equip you properly for this happiness. Therefore, it offers a variety in your accessories. They have different headgears, shirts, and bottoms from which you can choose according to your comfort.


For some people, trekking is a passion. They feel revived when out in the wild. But, again, you need to be properly equipped for it. QOOLMART offers customized apparel that includes cargo pants that come in handy to stuff your stuff in the pockets and shoes specially designed with maximum friction for you to get a proper grip. There are cooling sleeves and neck bandana to beat the heat, thermal shirts, jackets, and gloves. Then they have headlamps and lanterns. They have carabineers and quickdraws to help you out of sticky spots. There are chalk packs and trekking poles, and so much more for you to choose from.


Shoes play an important part in all sorts of sports. The right shoes let you perform better and longer. Here are a few varieties that QOOLMART has to offer.

  • MTB Shoes are specially designed to offer the least friction.
  • Triathlon Shoes offer maximum comfort.
  • Road Shoes are made for the perfect comfortable and practical fit.
  • Thong Sandals for women have been made for comfortable water activities.
  • Insoles are made to provide customization for your feet in any shoes. They have gel pads at the heel to provide softness.


While exercising is important, it is equally important to look after your dietary needs. Since QOOLMART is your perfect online sports shop in Singapore, it offers all the perfect supplements for you.

  • Protein Low Carb Bars is a quick fiber-rich protein snack used before or after your exercise.
  • Endurance athletes use gels and Chew to provide instant energy. QOOLMART has a variety of them.
  • Recovery Drinks and Shakes are used immediately after a training session. QOOLMART offers customized formulas from Switzerland.


Nowadays, e-sports are very popular amongst all ages. QOOLMART is a complete online sports shop in Singapore; hence it covers your needs in this field too; they offer Gaming Mousepads, Headsets, Controllers, and Keyboards.


Gadgets are an everyday requirement. QOOLMART offers the best in Headphones, speakers, and power banks. They even have sports watches that watch your steps and cover your fitness needs.

QOOLMART is a complete online sports shop in Singapore which is why ATOME has partnered with it to provide the best at your doorstep. You choose what you require, or desire and we will help you by assisting in your payments—we breakup your payments into easy three installments so that you enjoy your passion without hassle.

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