The Best Fitbit Watch from AXTRO

by Starry

Aug 03 2021

A Fitbit watch is one of the best watches today that comes with health tracking benefits. You can watch and measure daily steps and heart rate, and more. Fitbit is a great watch that is lightweight and stylish. We have brought the best Fitbit watch providers, which have everything regarding the categories and brands of Fitbit watch. AXTRO is a Singapore based outlet that is the best in providing the Fitbit watch. 

Fitbit is a pure fitness watch. It is created to make the best benefits of sports to the athletes. The manufacturers of Fitbit watches have designed this watch purely for the benefit of athletes. Having the Fitbit watch on the wrist is enough to count your every step and heart rate and many more amazing features. Moreover, you can quickly achieve your goals using the Fitbit watch. This is the best choice for your diet as well. So to make it more accurate, there are different Fitbit watches available of different brands. AXTRO is providing every brand of Fitbit watches. They are very durable and perfect for jogging and exercising. 

There are a lot of other similar tracking devices. However, smartwatches are the best alternatives for it. The smartwatch is easy to set up. You can easily manage your activities of exercise and many more. As with Fitbit, it will ring when it is the time for exercise or any particular exercises to do. You can easily connect it with your mobile. Pick your calls and manage the whole watch with the particular app. AXTRO has the best Fitbit watches. 

What is Fitbit Watch:

The simple way to define a Fitbit watch is to wear it on your wrist to know and count the daily footsteps and other related terms during exercising. You can find many unique brands, but nothing gets closer to the Fitbit watch. They have the best qualities, especially in the trackers and fitness watches.

Following are the main features of a Fitbit watch:

  • Tracking sleeping patterns: A Fitbit watch gradually records sleeping patterns. You can easily record and get to know your sleep timings. 
  • Heart rate monitoring: This Is the best feature of the Fitbit watch. A Fitbit watch tells you the perfect and accurate heart rate and its levels. So you can tell quickly when you are getting your heart rate up and down. 
  • GPS tracking: GPS tracking enables many great features. You can know how many Kilometers you have jogged. The exact route is one of the features of GPS. 
  • Listening to music: Who doesn’t love music and especially while working out? The Fitbit watches have the specification to save music and listen to it via Bluetooth headsets or earphones. 
  • Receiving calls and messaging: As Fitbit will be connected to the mobile phone through their specific apps. Then you can receive calls and texts quickly. Moreover, you can also send WhatsApp messages. 

Top Fitbit Watches:

There are many exceptional Fitbit watches available. Each one has many features and specifications. We have chosen the best Fitbit watches. 

Fitbit versa:

The Fitbit Versa is a great fitness watch. It has features like steps, heart rate, and monitoring the oxygen levels. The Fitbit versa model is also water-resistant up to 50 meters (m), offers call, text, and app notifications, and has 6-day battery life. A person can listen to music on apps, and they can load credit and debit cards to the Fitbit and pay for things on the go.

Fitbit sense:

The Fitbit sense is one of the best smartwatches. It consists of GPS and heart rate. It has more functionality and offers the sleeping option as well. The Sense model also has the same battery life, Bluetooth call functionality, apps, payments, and waterproofing as the Versa 3.

However, Sense has some features that Versa 3 does not.

These are the two recommended watches. Besides it, there are more which are available with the AXTRO. They have a vast collection of Fitbit watches. So choose the best quality and according to your needs yours. 

About AXTRO:

Axtro is a Singapore based outlet that has everything you need. Founded in 2006, Axtro Sports was born without the need for sports tracking devices in Singapore. Over the years, Astro Sports has grown to become a leading distributor and retailer of Omni channels for sportswear and other consumer goods for an active lifestyle in South-East Asia. If you want the best Fitbit watch, then go to the online store of AXTRO and place your order now.


The Fitbit is a great company based in the USA which provides the best alternatives of fitness watches. The watch has tons of features and specifications. Moreover, everyone needs watches. If you are wearing a regular watch, it is expensive, so why not buy a Fitbit watch which benefits you in every step you take. A regular watch only tells the time. Place your order now and find yourself the best Fitbit watch. You will be satisfied. Besides Fitbit watches, they have many more devices. They are a complete outlet with many technologies that ease your work at its best. 

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