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by Starry

Jun 09 2021

A part of your personality is depicted through the clothes you wear. For the perfect costume, it is not only necessary that the fabric should be good, but it is also equally important for the dresses to be stitched to perfection. The branded or readymade clothes are generally cut and sewn to fit the general public. For you to shine out, the clothes you wear should be made for you. For this, you require the perfect tailor, who can make clothes just for you and alter the ones you buy elsewhere. Stitched Custom is one such place that provides you with tailors that are best suited for you. 

Stitched Custom has combed the entire island to find tailors best suited for you. They have cross-checked them by references. 

One of their criteria for choosing these tailors was to check upon their fabric collection. These include satin and silk, linen and jersey, cotton, and knitwear. Their run-down shops are trustworthy and worth checking out. Choose your fabric Stuff and let them do the rest of the work.

ATOME And Stitched Custom

We all need to look beautiful and confident, but certain things get in our way. One of them is finances. At ATOME we help you out with this particular problem. If good things come with a big price, we break up the payment into three installments so that it becomes easy for you to pay. These three easy installments are interest-free and come with no hidden fees. You go ahead and shop, and we will look after your payments.

Custom Made Suits

More than the designs, it’s the measurements that matter in the clothing. Your suit should have the exact cut and measurements to show or hide your body. If the suit is cut in measurement to your body, it will help highlight your features or compliment them. With a Custom stitched shirt, you are bound to shine out in a crowd. Our tailors provide you with the best suit custom made for your body. You can choose from their extensive collection of fabrics and haberdashery. You will have your suits with no fuss or hassle.

Bespoke Suits

Dressing up well is essential to look professional. A sloppy or an ill-fitting suit can spoil your meeting or your mood. You cannot find that perfect suit off the rack. Therefore, you should take help from a bespoke tailor, easily available at Stitched Custom. Our tailors will make you the right fit and the style that suits you best. Bespoke suits do come expensive, but they are worth the investment if they make you look sharp and stand out. 

Recent times have witnessed more daring and unique fashion in the male line, hence the need for the perfect suit for you. And don’t worry about the payment because ATOME will assist you with that.


Have you ever walked into a store and liked a particular color or style but not the right size? That’s a disappointment. Or, when you urgently need something new but don’t have the time to get it made? Let Stitched Custom help you out here. Our tailors have agreed to do alterations to your clothes for fixed rates. Now, you can grab an off-the-rack suit and get it altered for your occasion. Now, you don’t have to let go of your favorite color or style simply because it wasn’t the right size!!


Accessories are generally associated with women, but men also need their accessories to complement their dressing. A suit is never complete without a tie or a bowtie, and now, a mask has become essential. Here are a few accessories that Stitched Custom has to offer its clients.

  • Tie                       

Neckties started as a sign of nobility and later turned into fashion. This became an essential part of men’s clothing, and now a suit is not complete without a necktie. These are often used as part of formal attire. Ties are often matched with the suit. At Stitched Custom, we have several ties both in-house and in collaboration with other vendors. Our range includes various types of woven and knitted ties.

  • Bow Tie              

A bowtie is like a necktie used in place of a tie. These are generally used for grand occasions or parties. Like neckties, the collection includes plain bow ties, woven bow ties, floral, striped and checkered.

  • Socks              

we have a combination of socks like Alex, Taro, Sherwin, Poe, Neo, and many more. Each has been designed, keeping you in mind.

  • Cufflinks        

You can choose cuff links at Stitched Customs according to your personality. There’s a huge range to choose from, from our online collection.

  • Masks           

In today’s age, a face mask has become part of everyday apparel. We offer reusable masks that would go well with your bespoke suits. They look better than the surgical masks everyone wears.

  • Lapel Pins          

You can match your cufflinks with your Lapel Pins. We have an assortment of them.

Rental Suits

In case you don’t want to buy a suit, Stitched Custom offers you rental suits also. For these, we have a few terms and conditions, following which you can choose from our size guide.

Wedding Dresses

Regardless of your gender, the wedding is the most important day of your life, and obviously, you want to look your best. Therefore, you should go only for the best suits. At Stitched Custom, you would find the best suit for your wedding with your Custom stitched shirt. Their tailors would provide you with the style that goes best for you, along with the color and fabric of your choice. The suit will be made for you and will not carry the look of Off rack suits. You can match your suit with our accessories to look sharp and sophisticated for your big day. Again, let ATOME help you out in making the most. You choose your suit, and we will assist with your payments. After all, you deserve a treat for your big day.

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