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Jun 20 2022


Spectacle hut is one of the most popular optical retail chains in Singapore. The brand has more than 30 functional outlets. With years of working in the eye care and eyewear field, Spectacle hut offers its customers the latest designer glasses and contact lenses. In 2016, the company won the influential Brands award as the top brand under the optical retailer section. For the achievements and efforts Spectacle hut has made, it earned the second award the following year, 2017 due to its concern in providing high-quality eyeglasses. In addition, the optical brand is well known for its durable contact lens in Singapore.

The company has been progressing for years to provide the best eyewear items at reasonable prices worldwide. It offers the best quality of Simple eyewear to UV protection glasses. It is a trusted brand that cares about its customers and provides the best eye care services. Moreover, Spectacle hut sells the top brands products: Ray-ban, Tiffany, Bulgari, Miu Miu, Oakley, Cartier and Tom Ford, Oliver peoples, Gucci and Vogue.

Why choose Spectacle Hut?

From contact lenses to sunglasses, Spectacle hut provides stylish and authentic products. It cares about customers and ensures to provide exceptional quality items. The brand has established its trust by offering the best brands all over the world at reasonable prices.

To win its customers, Spectacle hut offers attractive designs for eyeglasses on special occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and friendship day. All these products are tagged with low prices to make the event more memorable. Various offers attract customers due to the reasonable costs and genuine products. In addition, sunglasses also provide safe and quality lenses to guarantee eye care.

What is unique about Spectacle Hut?

 The unique styles and durability of the items show the care of Spectacle hut. Various colors with stylish-looking genuine eyewear products are guaranteed. It chooses the best brands and most attractive designs for its customers. The brand’s contemporary and enchanting styles attract people to shop for their favourite items, including coloured contact lenses.

Aims of Spectacle Hfut:

The brand has gained a reputation by defining its aims and working to achieve them. Spectacle hut’s innovation has led it to become a progressive brand in the eyewear accessories market.

1.     Innovation:

The brand works to introduce innovative ideas and fashion to its customers. It works to capture trendy styles and offer attractive designs from top brands. The influential ideas for eyewear products by Spectacle hut have attracted customer’s interest from all over the world.

2.     Authenticity:

The foremost goal of Spectacle hut is to provide genuine designer products. The company believes in truthfulness. Therefore, it ensures the authenticity of items before getting the stocks.

3.     Quality:

Spectacle hut cares about the only vision asset of its customers and gives assurance to provide quality products. The eye is the most vulnerable organ among human sensory organs. It picks only the top brands to offer its customers the most valuable, durable, and reliable products.

4.     Modernity:

One of the highlighted aims of Spectacle hut is to go along with the contemporary world—spectacle hut researches the trends and customer’s behavior towards fashion to provide up to date items.

Products by Spectacle hut:

Spectacle hut provides best colored contact lens that are constructed with reliable formulas. These contact lenses are available at reasonable prices in Singapore.

Maxi Eyes 3 Tone: Maxi lens makes your eyes bigger and brighter. It is three-layered lenses: defining outer boundary, a layer for transparent colors, a ring to highlight the center. The triple tone gives a radiant look to the eyes.

Maxi Eye Magic Colors Yellow series: It is the best colored contact lens by spectacle hut. The available colors are blue, Green, Violet, Brown, and grey to provide a more significant eye look. They are designed to be used for occasions and can be used 30 times.

ACUVE OASYS: The lens comes with moisture, UV protection, and Oxygen to provide triple care. Per box, you can get six lenses at reasonable prices in Singapore.

FRESHLOOK ONE DAY: It comes with three-in-one technology with the comfort of Focus Dailies. This colored contact lens by Spectacle hut gives you different personalities with Grey, Green, Blue, and Pure Hazel colors.

FOCUS DAILIES AQUA COMFORT PLUS: The daily disposable contact lens helps you change your everyday look and style. It comes with triple-action moisture. You can get 30 lenses per box.

AIR OPTIX: Comes with advanced double technology to deposit protection. Moreover, it is designed to provide long-lasting moisture. You can get six lenses per box.

Moreover, Spectacle hut offers designer glasses and sunglasses of top brands:

·        Glasses with classical lenses: Sunglasses made of classical lenses absorb almost 85% of visible light and blocks blue light to prevent UV rays. These lenses are available by various brands that are available at spectacle hut.

·        Glasses with mirrored lenses: These glasses are to reduce extreme glare for visual comfort. The colors of scenes look brighter with these lenses.

·        Glasses with Polarized lenses: For contrast and elimination of glare, polarized lenses are the best. Spectacle hut provides these items that help in reducing extreme daylights.

·        Glasses with prescription lenses: Spectacle hut provides prescription lenses too. Classical frames are available with high-quality metal frames.

Brands available at spectacle hut:

Spectacle hut selects the best and high-quality brands for its customers. Following are the leading brands’ spectacle hut offers for sunglasses, contact lenses, and other eyewear accessories.

·        Ray-ban: the products by Rayban are fashionable. The trusted brand has been working since 1937. Spectacle hut offers genuine products of Ray-ban, Therefore, guarantees the durability of lenses and glasses.

·         Gucci: with luxury touch, Gucci sells durable designer glasses. Spectacle hut provides Gucci products to its customers to offer luxurious sunglasses at reasonable prices in singapore.

·        Cartier and Tom Ford: For the best designer sunglasses and optical frames, Cartier and Tom Ford are famous worldwide. Spectacle hut offers Cartier and Tom Ford items for reliable designer eyewear.

·        Oakley: The brand is working for years to offer the best quality items. Spectacle hut offers various products by Oakley.

·        Tiffany and Co:  The brand is famous for its accessories, including designer sunglasses and optical frames. Regarding the durability of eyewear items by Tiffany, Spectacle hut chooses it.

The list is long for the brands that are available at Spectacle hut. All fashionable brands collections and high-quality contact lenses can be found at any of Spectacle hut’s stores. Furthermore, you can order online contact lenses and eyewear accessories in Singapore.

Atome and Spectacle hut

Where to buy an online contact lens in Singapore?

Spectacle hut has joined hands with Atome to provide flexible payment plans to its customers. Headquartered in Singapore, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of more flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable.

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Scan QR to download the Atome app

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