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Mar 04 2021

Sony is one of the most popular brands. It delivers high-quality, high-performance, and innovative products with the latest technology. Sony, proving their presence since 1973, has gradually risen over the years to lead in the consumer electronics market. The operations in Singapore currently include engineering, entertainment, regional headquarters, IT, logistics, treasury services, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Visit this article about Sony electronics today, and experience the world of innovative technology and business activities.

Sony Electronics address in Singapore

Sony Electronics Pte. Ltd. Singapore

Address: The Strategy, Tower One

2 International Business Park #1-10

Singapore 609930

Contact Number: +65 6544 8080

With a group of 1,800 employees and a cumulative investment of more than S$2 billion, Sony is committed to contributing to the local economy and enhancing its operations. Launched on October 1, 1999, Sony Electronics comprises information system, logistics, sales, and marketing. Besides, it takes care of broadcast, communication, computer peripherals, consumer services, recording media, and electronic devices.

All Electronics from Sony in Singapore

Home Cinema and Television

Sony Electronics in Singapore offers a wide range of

  • Televisions: OLED, Full-Array LED.
  • Soundbars and Home Theatre: Soundbars, All-in-one Systems, Home Cinema Speakers.
  • Blue-ray Disc Players and DVD Players.
  • Accessories for Televisions and Home Cinema.

 Range of Audio

  1. Headphones: IN-ear, Headband, Truly Wireless, and Headphone Cables.
  2. MP3 Players: Walkman and Accessories.
  3. High-Resolution Audio’s: Headphones, Headphone Amplifiers, Audio Components, Home Cinema, Speakers, Sound Bars, Car Audio, Wireless Speakers, Walkman, and PCM Recorders.
  4. Wireless Speakers.
  5. 360 Reality Audio.
  6. Audio Systems: Micro and Mini Hi-Fi Systems, Audio Components, and Speakers.
  7. Digital Voice Recorders and Memory Cards.
  8. Boomboxes, DAB Radios, Radios, Clock Radios, and Portable CD Players.
  9. All-in-one Home Cinema Systems, Soundbars, and Home Cinema Speakers.
  10. Accessories for Headphones, MP3 Players, Digital Voice Recorders, and Home Theaters.

Range of Cameras

  • Interchangeable-lens Cameras, Cameras, Lenses.
  • Lenses, Converters and Adapters, and.
  • Compact Camera.
  • Cinema Line Cameras.
  • Video Cameras, Professional Products, and Handheld Cameras.
  • Accessories for Interchangeable-lens Cameras. Lenses and Compact Lenses.

Mobile Phones

  • Smartphones.
  • Accessories.

Video Cameras

  • Camcorders
  • Action Cameras and Mounts
  • Handheld Camcorders
  • Cinema Line Cameras
  • Accessories for Handycam

Car and Marine

  • In-Car Players and Receivers
  • Accessories
  • Cradle Receivers and Smartphone Remotes
  • Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Marine Audio

Storage and Cables

  • CFExpress, XQD Memory Cards, SD Cards, Memory Stick, and Card Readers.
  • Cables 


  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation VR

Professional Products 

Sony Electronics also offers a wide range of professional products, which are the following:

  1. Professional Cameras: Studio and Broadcast Cameras, Digital Cinema Cameras, Camcorders, PTZ, and Remote Cameras.
  2. Broadcast and Production: Professional Monitors, Professional Media, Creative Software, Decks and Recorders, and Switchers and Live Systems.
  3. Projectors: Professional Projectors, Home Cinema Projectors, and Digital Cinema Projection.
  4. PTZ Cameras and Remote Cameras and accessories.
  5. Medical: Imaging Cameras, Monitors, IP Imaging Platform, Recorders and Storage, and Printers and Print Media.
  6. Professional Displays: Displays, LED Walls, Software, and accessories.
  7. Archiving and Content Management: Media Asset Management, Optical Disc Archiving, and Digitisation and Consolidation.

Professional Solutions

Sony Electronics in Singapore provides professional solutions for:

  1. Broadcast and Production
  2. Corporate
  3. Entertainment
  4. Education
  5. Healthcare

Activities Of Sony Electronics in Singapore


  • Ray Tubes: Manufactures Cathode ray tubes, high-Speed, instrument, and precision components.
  • Wholesale Trade: Audio-visual, Photographic, Television, and Optical equipment.

Support and Customer Services 

Sony center Singapore is a distributor, service provider, and producer. You can avail of online support from Singapore Sony Electronics effortlessly. Besides, you can go through the troubleshooting guides available on its online platform for Bravia TV, Headphones, Soundbar, wireless Speakers, and many more products.

The online support and services from Sony Singapore include:

  1. Register your product over Sony’s online platform and get access to the complete information of your product. Besides, you can keep your product updated and get information on great deals.
  2. Check out the complete information on Domestic and Tourist warranty.
  3. Find out the solutions and ask queries to troubleshoot your issues through the support community.
  4. When you have issues with the Sony product, you can find out your nearest service center locations, find out service charges, book a service appointment, and track your products’ repair status.
  5. Contact or chat with Sony’s support team for any assistance or guidance.
  6. You can stay updated, receive notifications, and find the information you want through the support of Sony’s Mobile App.


Sony Electronic in Singapore provides a wide range of electronics, consumer services, and solutions to its customers. It is also responsible for Research and Development, distribution, and sales of B&P and consumer products, electronic devices, and computer peripherals. Whether you want to buy a product or need a solution for your products, you can visit the Sony center in Singapore to experience the best services and resources from its skilled professionals.

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