Sit and Tap- Modern Contemporary Interior Design

by Starry

Jul 29 2021

Do you wish to renovate your apartment? Or do you want to give your home a modern contemporary interior design? If you’re looking for ceiling fans, kitchen or living room blinds or kitchen hoods, and smart fans, Sit and Tap is the perfect platform to get them all.

The Sit and Tap smart home devices includes smart fans and smart lights which are more impressive and all-enchanting than ever.

Sit and Tap has a wide variety of products that gives your home a modern contemporary interior design. The Sit and Tap kitchen and bathroom accessories, not only leave an impression on your guests but also make your dwelling the most comfortable place for your family, because we believe home is where you spend most of the time after a long day.  Upgrading or renovating also increases the value of your property.

Product categories of Sit and Tap:

Get the smartest devices from these product categories:

Ceiling fans- the ceiling fans are the choices of concern for many homeowners and interior designers who rigidly stick for a hurdle-free experience in the hot summer days. Some of the Sit and Tap well know products in the specific category are: Blizzard series, Alba series, Arc series, Fancy series, Gale series, Gust series, and Tide series.

Bathroom- bathroom basin, bathroom faucet, bathroom storage, heater, bathroom WC, bathtubs, bathroom bidet, bathroom rain shower, bathroom vanity cabinet, shower roses, and pop-up wastes. The perfect bathroom accessories to give your bathroom a modern contemporary interior design.

Table- dining table and other customized center tables.

Lightings- surface mounts, recessed lights, track lights holders, wall lights, and hanging lights.

Kitchen- kitchen faucet, kitchen sink, kitchen hobs, and kitchen hoods.  

Chairs- dining chairs and ottoman  

Cabinet handles- cabinet knob handles, cabinet leather handle and cabinet bar handle.

Smart home products- smart fans and smart lights. The 21st century demands to make every interior item digitalized- make them smart. Smart home products minimize electricity costs.  Smart homes are becoming more integrated in this century.

Sit and Tap gives your home a Modern Contemporary Interior Design.  A modern Contemporary Interior Design refers to a sleek and uncluttered style. The Sit and Tap designers keep the home décor minimal while focusing more on the quality materials installed in the interior.  This is not wrong to say that a Modern Contemporary Interior Design reflects modern architecture.

Brands that Sit and Tap carry:

Some of the famous interior design brands are available at Sit and Tap are: Baron, Point One Technology, Eco-airx, aerogaz, Elpis Interior Design, Free Space Intent, Haydn Studio, weikken, Botanicals 7 Bees, LUZ LED lights, RedBrick Homes, and Anjels.

Just name it and Sit and Tap has it! Want to buy your needed interior items today? Shop with Atome. Buy today and pay later.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Once the order is placed from the customer’s side, the brand would contact them within two working days and confirm the order. Once the order is confirmed, depending upon the availability of the product, it would reach the customer’s destination within 5 to 7 working days.

Do the Sit and Tap come with a warranty?

All the products of Sit and Tap come with one year warranty. It covers the defects related the design and manufacturing. But the warranty does not cover the misuse, mishandling, or wear and tear of the products.

The Sit and Tap ceiling fans come with 10 years of warranty on the motor. Also 5 years for light kit and 1-year onsite warranty.  

Having warranty with the Sit and Tap products must be a good one for many readers. The customer service department of Sit and Tap is available 24/7 to respond to the customer’s queries. For tracking of the orders, the customer services-personals are at your services. Feel free to contact them anytime, to get the modern contemporary interior design for your home.

Why shop Sit and Tap with Atome?

Shopping the products of Sit and Tap with Atome makes the buying process easy especially for those who are limited with a budget. Atome is a buy now pay later website. This encourages the customers to buy products of their favorite brands and pay later through installments on Atome. If you want to purchase Sit and Tap kitchen items or bathroom accessories, ceiling fans, cabinets, cabinet handles or cupboards, and lightening and do not have enough money at the moment, Atome is the best platform to cater your needs.  The best part is that Atome does not charge its clients any hidden fees and interests.  However, if a customer misses even a single payment, the customer’s account is suspended until the payment is cleared.

How to shop on Sit and Tap with Atome?

• During the checkout, select Atome as the payment method.

• In case you have an Atome account provide information- for first-time users, Atome asks to apply for an Atome account before checkout with Sit and Tap.

• Pay 1/3 of the total bill first.

Shopping with Atome is that easy.

Our Verdict!

Who would not want to give their home a modern contemporary interior design? People and interior designers today prefer to install quality home accessories rather than heavily decorating or loading the home. If you keen to upgrade or renovate your dwelling, Sit and Tap is the one-stop-shop to buy the latest interior décor items. From kitchen accessories to bathroom accessories and lights to furniture, it has everything you need. If short with a budget, why not shop with Atome today and pay later without any high-interest rate and there are zero hidden charges. Happy shopping!!

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