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by Starry

Jan 24 2022

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that is usually seen in a home’s dining room and is used to serve meals such as side dishes when there isn’t enough room at the table. The sideboard also serves as a storage and display area for serving items. A sideboard is named for the fact that it is low to the ground, has shorter legs and cabinets that may reach the floor, and mostly stands against the dining room’s sidewalls.

What is the need for sideboard cabinets?

  • Food, serving trays, and bowls can all be placed on and retrieved from a sideboard’s conveniently accessible surface.
  • Another trait that distinguishes it as a sideboard is that it differs from a closet where unneeded cups and plates are stored.
  • Also, sideboards are more versatile as a piece of furniture that may be utilised everywhere other than the dining room, which is why they are named sideboards.

In a nutshell, sideboards are quite an essential addition to have in a dining room. There are many different styles of sideboards available on the market. So if you don’t know what sort of sideboard you want, you can be bewildered when shopping for one. As a result, below is a comprehensive list of different types of sideboards to assist you.


Credenzas are comparable to but not identical to sideboards; yet, they are classified as a sort of sideboard. The credenza has no legs and the base is low to the ground. Typically, these feature sliding cabinet doors and marble or other attractive material on the top surface. Even though the body is generally composed of wood.

Sideboards from the Mid-Century

Traditional sideboards are mid-century sideboards. The majority of them are constructed of strong teak wood and come in vibrant hues. These old sideboards are likewise made of oakwood. A mid-century sideboard can be identified by its unusual storage-oriented design featuring mid-century shapes.


The buffet is quite similar to sideboards, with one notable exception. It is, however, also used as a sideboard. Sideboards have shorter legs than buffets. They can also feature cabinet doors made of glass. A buffet, unlike a side table, can be placed anywhere other than the dining room. Through its glass door, it also displays the serving plates, cutlery set, serving tray, and other items.

Contemporary Sideboards

Sideboards in modern styles are very popular these days. Acrylic or Plastic is used to make them. Very different from the weighty ones with a substantial design from the mid-century. These sideboards are light and feature a sleek style that lends elegance to the dining room or anywhere else you put them.

Sideboards from the French countryside

French country sideboards, as the name implies, are the most opulent. The royal designs are made of hardwood, although, marbles and glass are also utilised with wood, and are artistically attractive. And because it mostly emphasises French design, you can tell it’s a French country sideboard just by looking at the construction, materials, and style.

Materials used to make sideboard cabinets

The materials used in sideboards have evolved significantly throughout time. As a result, they may be found in a variety of materials. The following is a comprehensive list of contemporary sideboard materials.

Acrylic or Plastic

Sideboards manufactured of plastic or acrylic are popular in today’s furniture industry. These sideboards are light and easy to move and clean. These sideboards are also more affordable. The main drawback is that acrylic sideboards are prone to scratches, so if you buy one, just wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

Metal Sideboards

Sideboards made of metal are the most extensively used contemporary material for sideboards. Since metals are both powerful and long-lasting, it’s also more practical than wooden sideboards. One of the most common types of sideboard is one made of iron since it is durable and long-lasting. Steel-made sideboards are also popular since they are easy to clean and last longer.

Glass Sideboards

Sideboards are not made entirely of glass. However, the sideboard’s doors are made of a different material, generally wood and occasionally metal. Because it contributes to the appeal of sideboards, only the cupboard doors are made of glass.


Wooden furniture never goes out of style, it is still regarded as the primary and current material. Sideboards constructed of wood are still popular because they are extremely robust and solid, and may last for decades. Oak, Mango, Mahogany, Cherry, Acacia, and Walnut, are popular hardwoods used for this purpose. Pinewood is the most cost-effective and frequently utilised softwood. Sideboards are a really useful piece of furniture that makes living a lot simpler. They are also created in a variety of materials to contribute to the ease of living and to suit demand. Regardless of the material, it will always have a traditional style with a modern-day elegant touch to bring zing to your dining room.

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