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by Starry

Sep 02 2021

A tee Shirt, or simply called a T-shirt, is loved by most men and women. They say wearing a T-shirt is easy because of its short sleeves and a crew neck- while some have collars. But the stretchy material makes it easy to iron. However, most of the men say that the T-shirts they wear are a tool for expressing themselves. Among so many different clothing brands in the market, the popularity of the Fred Perry T-shirt cannot be overlooked. 

Fred Perry clothing is no more a brand catered for tennis players only. Today, Fred Perry clothing is a lifestyle brand that provides Fred Perry T-shirts and other clothing according to contemporary fashion. The stylish Fred Perry T-shirts are available for the general public too. 

About Fred Perry:

Fred Perry is a UK-based brand. The contemporary clothing brand was launched in the market by Fred Perry. Fred Perry is a  three-time Wimbledon champion tennis player. 

The market knows the Fred Perry clothing as one of the major brands with the best product – the Fred Perry Shirt. Initially, the clothing business would design t-shirts for the tennis players only. But then the founder thought of the box and decided to cater to the common people too. Fred Perry extended its products to contemporary fashion products. 

The Fred Perry t-shirts are available at the business outlets. For savvy customers, the business can also be followed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also buy the required items from the Fred Perry official website.

You can receive your favorite Fred Perry t-shirt not only in the UK but also in Europe- Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey and some other parts of the world including America, Mexico, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Russia, Tanzania, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Oman, India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and many others. Check out the Fred Perry official website for more details. 

The business has the facility of international delivery, though; each customer would face the destination country’s customs charges. When your ordered Fred Perry t-shirt or other items are dispatched from the business warehouse, the concerned department sends a notification email to the customer.

The email has all the details the client can use to track their order and check the current status. Within Britain, the customer can receive their order in 5 to 7 working days, while the delivery period for the international clients depends on the location of the destination country. The clients can check the checkout page to get the estimated delivery time. 

The Fred Perry clothing makes sure that every dispatched item or Fred Perry t-shirt is in its perfect condition and according to the customer’s demand. However, there is always room for human error. If a customer receives a damaged product or a wrong order is dispatched, Fred Perry is always open for return or exchange. If a client changes their mind, Fred Perry openheartedly welcomes the return. 

For return or exchange, the customer shall take care of these facts:

  • If a client wishes to return an unused item, they can do it within 28 days of receiving the order. The client must show a valid receipt to Fred Perry’s customer services department to process a refund. No refund will be accepted after 28 days.
  • The returned item shall be in its original condition and not used in any case. 
  • The returned item shall have company price tags attached to it. 
  • Once the business receives the parcel, it will be processed within ten working days; however, the business can take extra 2-5 days for the credit to post to your bank account. 

Why shop Fred Perry with ATOME?

Your love for wearing the Fred Perry t-shirt can be fulfilled from the business outlet, its official social media platforms, and even the official website. However, if you are short with a budget, ATOME, is the best digital platform to buy your favorite items- the Fred Perry t-shirt. ATOME allows you to buy things today and pay through easy installments. ATOME aims to make sure that its customers with limited budgets can shop at the moment.

This digital platform does not charge you any interest, and there are zero hidden fees.

That’s the reason today ATOME is considered as one of the best digital platforms that enable its customers to buy things today and pay later through easy installment plans. The cherry on the top, zero interest rates, makes shopping with ATOME more convenient. 

How to shop Fred Perry with ATOME?

Shopping for your favorite Fred Perry t-shirt with ATOME is very simple. 

  • You have to choose the ATOME payment method when you are shopping and about to checkout. 
  • With an ATOME account, it is easy to shop. But if you do not have an ATOME account, create one. Provide your required personal information and other banking credentials. 
  • Of the total first bill, pay only one-third amount. 

Just with the above simple steps, with ATOME, you have bought what you wanted; now relax and pay later through easy installments.

Our verdict

Shopping was never that easy before ATOME. The limited budget was always a big-time hindrance for many savvy customers. ATOME is a digital platform that allows its customers to buy their needed products from their favorite brands even if they do not have enough money at the moment. Through easy installment plans and zero-interest charges, buy today with ATOME and pay later. A limited budget is not an excuse anymore to stop you from wearing your favorite Fred Perry t-shirt.

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