Top Shoe Cabinet Designs to Look for in 2022

Jan 30 2022

There are several areas throughout the house where the family’s shoes can become cluttered, so why not get a shoe cabinet to keep them stowed and ready for the day’s events? So, if you have been looking for stylish shoe cabinets, we have listed down a variety of shoe racks for you to have one of them in 2022.

Casual shoe cabinets

These are the most common footwear cabinet designs found in contemporary houses. There is no way for dust or other particles to escape since they are encapsulated. They’re also quite easy to clean, and their distinctive patterns give them an appealing appearance.

 One of its main advantages is its attractive designs. Natural or manufactured wood is commonly used in this style of shoe cabinet design. They come in a variety of sizes, and the right one should be chosen after calculating the number of family members and visitors who will be visiting.

Drop down inclined shelves are shallow in-depth and can easily be hidden behind doors to save space. They are also specialists in fitting a wide range of shoes. Stacking multiple smaller drop-down cabinets next to each other and covering the connection points with a long, treated board that also serves as display space is a common solution.

Cubby holes cabinets

Cubby holes are square or rectangular storage slots that are great for arranging shoes and allowing you to see each pair.

However, because most cabinets have similar cubbies that are normally tiny to optimise space, storing boots or bigger types of shoes may be challenging unless the cabinet has a row of larger cubbies.

Tilt-out shoe cabinets

When a fresh pair of shoes has to be placed in it, this is a unique form of shoe cabinet that tilts out. This design stores more pairs of shoes or other footwear than similar-sized shoe cabinets. This is due to the design’s great space efficiency.

 This is also an enclosed design that one’s aesthetic choices might pick up on. If you just use shoes and footwear in ordinary sizes, tilt-out shoe cabinets are a fantastic purchase.

Open shoe storage cabins

Open cabinets are certainly the handiest and quickest to use, since they have nothing to hide their shelves or cubby holes, and it just takes a quick scan to get the appropriate pair for your outfit.

While the ventilation is adequate, they are not well-protected from dust and, depending on the cabinet’s placement, sunlight. They’re more suited to keeping shoes that your family members wear regularly. If your shoe storage cabinet will be put in a walk-in closet, an open cubby style is also a viable option.

Shoe cupboards with louvred doors

This could simply be the greatest shoe storage solution available for those of you who possess expensive pairs of shoes. It has slatted doors, which provide you with additional control over the temperature while still keeping the inside of the closet dark.

Fabric shoe cabinets

Rather than the usual wooden shoe rack or cabinet, they are constructed of cloth, as the name indicates. The cloth shoe rack may have an enclosure, which resembles a cover. Fabrics made of composite materials that are extremely dust resistant are the most frequent.

They come in a variety of sizes and may contain varying amounts of footwear depending on the size. They can usually carry the same quantity of shoes as a traditional shoe rack.

Closed cabinets

These cabinets, which seem like vintage furniture, are the most fashionable. They hide your shoes and give your home a more orderly appearance. While they protect your shoes from the sun, they don’t allow for appropriate ventilation, which means that if your shoes aren’t completely dry before storing them, you can end up with mouldy shoes.

Contemporary shoe storage shelves

Shelves, which are sometimes hidden behind cabinet doors, are a more contemporary counterpart of traditional shoe racks. They can fit more pairs since they are not limited by the number of cubby holes available and can reorder them to optimum space. If you have a range of styles of different sorts of shoes, shelves may be a better option, especially because the lowest shelf often gives greater height.

 They’ll also look better in fashionable corridors, where a collection of trainers is definitely not the most inviting decoration.

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