Replace the Traditional Mop with a Spin Mop

by Starry

Nov 26 2021

Cleaning the floor is the most disliked household chore. People find it hectic and the most tedious task. The reason is it makes you tired and takes time too. A Spin mop is the best solution for it, especially if you are an office-going person or a student living alone. 

Previously people would use a mop to clean the floors, but today the traditional mop-damp cloth has been replaced by the spin mop. Mopping the floor with a damp cloth not only makes you tired but also is time-consuming. The damp cloth was then replaced with mop sticks to clean the floor. Now, considering the convenience of people, the latest mop in the market is a spin mop. People across the globe consider a spin mop as the most effective cleaning tool for cleaning tiles and floors.

How to use a spin mop?

There is nothing hard in learning how to use a spin mop. You will place the mop attached to the stick in the provided bucket. The mop would absorb the water from the bucket. Next, you will rotate it. The rotation would squeeze out the excess water into the bucket. This makes it easier to clean the floor. Investing in a spin mop is not a huge investment. However, certain points should be considered before investing in one. Let explore them one by one:

Check if it is durable:

Though a spin mop is not a huge investment, no one wants to waste money on an item with less life. Buy a mop that lasts for long. Normally a spin mop lasts for two years. You can invest in one that suits your needs.

Consider the design of the bucket:

The sturdiness of a bucket is important while buying a rotation or a spin mop. A sturdy bucket will not allow the water to splash out when dipping the mop inside it. 

Consider the mop fiber:

This is an important feature to consider. Always select microfiber material or yacht type for the twist mop. People normally buy a mop with refill fiber for better results.

Consider the cleaning surfaces:

Before investing in a spin mop, you should also think about the surface you want to clean. What is the texture of the floor of your dwelling? Is it either a wooden floor, made with tiles or a textured?

Consider the degree of cleaning:

Select either 360 or 180 degrees of rotating mop according to your cleaning requirements.

Buy a bucket with wheels:

The latest spin mops come with buckets that are designed with wheels. This allows easy mobility on all kinds of surfaces rather than dragging it recklessly. This kind of spin mop is especially a useful cleaning tool for those who have back pain.

Why use a spin mop?

It saves water:

A spin mop saves water. It is an environment-friendly cleaning tool. So if you are living in an apartment where there is a shortage of water supply, this is the best option for cleaning tiles. 

Less physical effort:

A traditional mop requires the cleaner to bend down and clean the floor with a damp cloth. With the latest spin mop, it is now easy to clean the floor while standing and exerting less force. 

It is easy to clean:

It is easy to clean the mop and throw away the wastewater. 

It is easy to move:

The spin mop bucket designed with the wheel is easy to move from one place to another. This facility makes the cleaning process easier. A spin mop is easily available in the market. If living in Singapore, you want to invest in a durable cleaning tool, visit the nearest HOUZE Storage Inspirations. HOUZE provides premium home organization products at the most completive prices and outstanding customer services. 

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