Reasons to Buy CPU from Technic Singapore

by Starry

Jun 25 2021

CPU is known as the brain of the computer. No matter how advanced a computer is, it cannot survive without a CPU. It contains all the tiny circuitry that inputs data processes it, and outputs data on the monitor. It dictates that entire computer and tells it what to do and when to do it. This shows how important a CPU is. The full form of it is the ‘Central Processing Unit.’ It is the central system that carries out all the instructions and programs. Technic being the best Buy cpu Singapore has all the advanced CPUs available on its website.

Types of CPUs available at Technic:

Over time, computer experts have introduced a number of CPUs; all these CPUs are available at technic to “buy cpu Singapore”.

● Single-core CPU: It is the oldest type of CPU, which is now only available in computers that are used in offices.

● Dual-core CPU: Just like its name, it has two strong cores and works as a single CPU. It is faster than the single-core CPU.

● Quad-core CPU: Quad means four. This means it has four cores and divides the work among these four cores. It works really fast and does not heat up easily.

● Hexa-core Processor: This processor has six cores. This means the workload is divided among six cores and completes its task in no time.

● Octa-core processor: It has eight independent cores. This means it works efficiently and effectively with no problem of heating up or slowing down.

● Deca-core Processor: The fastest CPU of all has ten independent cores. This means it can effectively and efficiently process a large number of data at one time.

All these CPUs are available at the best buy cpu Singapore at a very reasonable price. You can also buy quality CPUs from their sales.

Gaming CPUs:

Nowadays, everyone plays videogame on their computer. They have an entire computer system dedicated to gaming. For a gaming computer set, you need a high-power CPU because games are a load on the computer and need a lot of processing. So to process all the data easily and efficiently without facing the problem of heating up, people try to buy a high-speed CPU, mostly deca-core processors. You will find a high variety of gaming sets atthe best buy cpu Singapore; they even have high-speed processors that you can buy for your video gaming.

Modern CPUs:

With time CPUs also have advanced. If you remember, a computer system consisted of a monitor, a keyboard, a mouse, and a CPU. The size of the CPU was big, and it was heavy to carry. But modern computer companies have introduced CPUs that are small and are fitted in the monitor. For instance, iMac has a high-resolution screen, a keyboard, and a mouse. It does not have a separate CPU. This is because the CPU is a small chip that is attached to the monitor.

CPU Cooler:

At Technice you can buy cpu Singapore, you will also find a CPU cooler. This cooler is attached to the CPU to cool it down and save it from getting damaged from heating up. There are different types of CPU coolers available to buy cpu Singapore. CPUs can get heated up if there are large data available to process.    

Why a CPU?

You must be wondering that even today, a high-tech company is advertising their CPU when we have fast-running laptops and Icore intel available. The truth is that technica being the best buy cpu Singapore knows the market more than anyone. Even today, demand for CPU is greater than any laptop or MacBook. You must wonder why. The truth is these CPUs are very high functioning, load-bearing, and durable. You can use them for five years straight. The reason is that they are hardcore and are made for the purpose of industrial use. Therefore Technica provides the best CPU’s on the market with a warranty. It is where you need to buy cpu Singapore.

A high-duty CPU is the best for your gaming, such as PUBG, LOL, delta force, etc. Other than that, you can use these CPU’s in your administrative office. They are less prone to viruses and damage. They have a very durable build and can work for a longer period of time. With buy cpu Singapore typed on your search engine, you need not worry about your CPU getting heated; they have the best CPU coolers for your needs. They are good quality coolers and will not cost much. It makes your CPU brand new, just like the day you bought it. Technica is proud of its service and being the best buy cpu Singapore.

For all the tech lovers

A good news to all tech lovers now that Atome has collaborated with technica; for the best buy cpu Singapore you can buy all high-quality CPU parts at a very fair rate and use them right now. With an amazing motto, Atome comes at your door, so now you can “buy now and pay later.” With this amazing payment policy, you can break down your total payment into 3 parts and pay them in three easy installments.

Atom is a Singaporean app that has been blooming in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore for having all the top-notch brands on one platform. Shopping has never been this easy.

Get yourself a CPU

With good quality parts, easy on the pockets, and with a warranty, technica as a best place to buy cpu Singapore, you can build you and maintain a CPU like no other. They are much cheaper than the laptops available today. But laptops have a maximum life of 5 years. The CPU can live on for many years, depending on how you maintain it.

CPU can have more memory, and you can even manage to upgrade it with professional and amazing products like available on technica. It is good for work purposes, for entertainment, and no one can steal it as well. The size gives it a level of security. Also, it is easy for the eye to see the screen; you do not have to squint for the letters. You can protect your sclera with a blue light on the screen as well. If you ever have a heating problem with your CPU, you can always contact technica, the best buy cpu Singapore to help you out; other than that, CPUs are the best thing you can get yourself.  You can efficiently work, and when you need some entertainment, you can watch a show on your giant screen.

Altogether CPU may be old technology, but it is still pretty good and better functioning, with technica. You can maintain your old CPUs pretty well.


CPU is the technology of old people, but that doesn’t mean we cannot use them now. Our generation now is into sleek laptops and practicality. But the truth is that even today, the CPU is a better option. It is affordable and very durable with technica as the best buy cpu Singapore there to help you can use a CPU for straight 10 years.

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