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by Starry

Mar 22 2022

Today, the world is all about fashion. People want to stay in sync with what’s hip, what others are wearing, and what others like while simultaneously staying aware of what THEY want. From fashion divas to every woman living in the country, fashion is adored by most (if not all) women alike.

If you’re looking for ways to unlock the keys to the magnificent and voguish realms of fashion, we suggest you try Pomelo Singapore a try. Put on the voguish articles available at Pomelo SG and boast an unparalleled sense of style at a pocket-friendly price. The world is all rainbows, sweets, unicorns, and butterflies; and Pomelo fashion is well aware of that.

Today, we are going to shed some light on some of the fashion pieces by Pomelo Singapore.. So, without further ado, let’s get rolling – there’s a wardrobe waiting to be deluged in clothes from Pomelo fashion Singapore.

See the freshest apparel at Pomelo Singapore

Pomelo SG revels in providing top-class, fashionable clothes for all of its customers. Pomelo fashion Singapore is hot nowadays and jubilates itself in a colossal array of women’s clothes, bags, shoes, and other related accessories.

You’re already psyched – the fashion aficionado inside you won’t let you sit peacefully! Let’s look at some of the products paraded by Pomelo SG.

Pomelo + Pantone Sustainable Back Bow Mini Dress – Purple

This product was produced from EcoVero, which is manufactured from ecological wood from regulated origins. Cellulosic fibers are soft on the body and environmentally beneficial.

The cellulosic fibers aren’t just environment-friendly and renewable, but they also require less energy and water to manufacture. Plus, it is EU Ecolabel approved – a label given to goods and services that fulfill environmental protocols during their life span.

Pomelo Raspberry Checkered Print Midi Dress – Blue

The Pomelo Fashion Singapore’s midi dress is nothing short of being the finest while radiating a minimalistic vibe at the same time. If you’re a woman of the sea, this midi dress with puffed sleeves, a necktie, and a sailor collar complemented by a playful fruity print is just for you!

Pomelo Embroidered Flower Romper – White

If you’re looking for ways to spend your summers in style and vogue, then this embroidered flower romper is simply for you. Plus, if you adore the sea and Poseidon lures you into coming back to the sea time and time again, then you should probably get this dress and enjoy the serene and blissful sea breeze.

This Pomelo Fashion dress boasts a romper silhouette, square neckline, bishop sleeves, embroidered details, and is smocked at the back.

Pomelo Barbie™ x Pomelo Logo Button Pants – Black

Do you dare to be feminine, fun, and most importantly, you? If yes, then this dress is most certainly for you. This dress features a high-waisted fit, wide legs, front pockets, and exquisite button details that are sure to make this dress your favorite.

INPACA Yara Strappy Elastic Heels Ecru – Ivory

INPACA is a design firm with a quintessential idea that developed from the two sisters’ collaborative thoughts. Every series is influenced by their own closets and incorporates both of their personas – classic-minimalist style combined with present-day elements.

Pomelo Fashion SG Mini Top Handle Crossbody Bag – Taupe

This fashionable top handle crossbody bag from Pomelo Fashion is definitely a keeper and something else entirely. Adored by everyone alike, this crossbody bag can swing from your shoulders or simply carried by its minimalist-style top handles.

Pomelo Fashion Singapore – Who are they?

Pomelo Singapore is one of Southeast Asia’s leading omnichannel markets that has a global and inclusive mindset, seamlessly amassing recent trends, online shopping, and on-the-go purchases. Pomelo Singapore focuses on providing women with the clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories that abet them in feeling the best in their skin and garner attention and compliments.

Pomelo SG acts as a liaison between local and global trends, transforming South Korean trends into individual masterpieces.

Over and above that, Pomelo Fashion Singapore goes into overdrive to host weekly new arrivals to accommodate basic looks, core fashions, and trending hypes through four distinguished concepts: Soho, Alita Active, Studio, and Special Collections.

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