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by Starry

Mar 14 2022

Have you heard of Playdress? Everyone wants to dress up like a fashion model with all the eyes swaying in their direction as they walk past the streets. A strong gust caresses their hair and ruffles them, sending them flying in the air in slow motion, and a slight turn of the head truly reveals that the person walking in front of the audience is downright gorgeous.

Does this statement resonate with you? We know it does. At one point or another, we’ve all been through that. However, it’s not just your looks but your outfits as well that can make or break your entire persona and look. If you want your outfit to radiate a voguish aura, you need to get your outfits from Playdress Singapore.

Today, in this article, we’ll be exploring the depths of Playdress Singapore – a contemporary fashion brand that’s always in perfect harmonization with the most recent fashion fads and trends.

Playdress Singapore – It’s all about fashion and trends!

Playdress outlets in Singapore jubilate themselves in their modernistic and contemporary fashion article that is sure to be the envy of anyone who sees you donning them.

Wearing an outfit from Playdress Singapore is, in fact, all you need to look like a fashion diva!

Now, let’s have shed some magnificent light on Playdress and how their infatuating apparel and accessories are just what you need to complement your chic spirits!

Dahlia Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

This chic floral-printed midi skirt is meticulously crafted to turn all heads in your direction. Featuring a concealed side zip and is constructed from fully lined polyester.

Daya Sleeveless Fitted Top

This fitted tank top boasts a V-neckline that adjusts to any body shape. It is made from non-lined cotton blend material.

Vivian Ribbon Romper

If you’re looking for something cute and playful, this romper is for you. What’s more, you can even throw on an iridescent necklace and some chic earrings to complete the entire look. This romper is meticulously crafted from fully-lined polyester and features a back zip, front decorative buttons, and a detachable ribbon.

Ella Gingham Dress

This is a close-fitting piece that’s made from fully-lined polyester and flaunts a concealed back zip and a square neckline.

Flo Quilted Bucket Bag

A bucket bag that will resonate with any outfit that you wear.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22 x 4 x 12cm.

Jacq Leather Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag that will add some glorious flair to the aura you resonate in events and make everyone fall in love with you owing to your exquisite sense of fashion.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 22 x 4 x 12cm.

Buy them now from Playdress outlets or its online store!

The above-mentioned outfits, clothes, and accessories from Playdress Singapore are just some products from their range; there are tons of more products you can browse from at their website and Playdress outlets! Buy them now and experience what it feels like to be pictured as royalty!

Getting to know Playdress Singapore

Playdress is one of the leading fashion stores in Singapore and was founded back in 2017. With Playdress outlets spread all across Singapore, the store prides itself in its local in-house designer and production capabilities overseas.

At Playdress outlets, you’ll find a broad range of smart casual wear apparel that flaunt great quality craftsmanship and are pocket-friendly too! Moreover, Playdress is a women-led firm that showcases and empowers esteemed, powerful, and fashionable women in today’s world while complementing the Asian body shape simultaneously.

The cherry on top, Playdress is even a partner of Atome and allows you to manage your finances easily by splitting your purchases from Playdress Singapore.

Atome and Playdress

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Here’s how you can pay using Atome

  • Checkout from Playdress Singapore using Atome as your payment medium.
  • Enter the details of your Atome account.
  • Pay 1/3 of the entire bill and pay the balance later.


If you’re looking for casual outfits that boast a voguish vibe and finishing, choosing Playdress Singapore would be a wise decision on your part. Get your favorite article from Playdress outlets in Singapore now and use the Atome app to pay your bills and unlock the doorway to flexible payments!

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