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by Starry

Dec 29 2021

The dial on a watch’s face is what gives it its unique personality. Whatever is going on beneath the case, the dial is the first thing you’ll see, and it will determine whether or not you like what you see. Mother of pearl dials are the current watchmaking fad, and we take a peek at how they’re manufactured.

The iridescent lining on the inside of a shell is mother o -pearl. Nacre, which is another term for the mother of pearl, is a mineral mixture that oysters and molluscs create to protect their homes from parasites and unwanted objects. If a foreign item gets into the shell, the mollusc secretes layer after layer of nacre until a pearl forms.

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The First Step in the Making of Mother of Pearl

The first step is to choose the correct shell, and one of the best sources is the rare Pteria Margaritifera conch from Australia. The mother-of-pearl is difficult to extract from the shell because of its fragile nature, which makes it prone to chipping and splitting.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment have been used by specialised Swiss dial manufacturers to cut tiny, precisely round blanks of the material. The rest of the procedure is done by hand. Crushing the shell and cutting it into 0.2mm thick discs are two further processes. The discs are then polished and can be engraved, or a coating of coloured lacquer can be applied to the back of the disc to enhance or change its colour.

How Rolex Mother of Pearl is Different from Others?

Rolex regularly utilises mother-of-pearl watch faces in their timepieces, choosing pink, white, black, or yellow tones – all of which are 100% natural and never unnaturally manipulated. Because of the shell’s distinctive iridescence and natural patterns, no two dials are ever the same.

The Lady-Datejust Pearlmaster model has a 29mm yellow gold case, a milky white mother-of-pearl dial with diamond hour markers, and a date display with a Cyclops magnifying lens cut away at three o’clock.

Distinctive Features of Fossil Mother of Pearl         

The case and bracelet of Fossil Mother of Pearl are made of stainless steel in a rose gold-tone. Crystals are placed in a fixed rose gold-tone bezel. Arabic numerals and index hour markers on a mother of pearl dial with rose gold-tone hands.

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