Most Luxurious Sanitary Pads in Singapore by PADEVE

by Starry

Jul 15 2021

It is a fact well acknowledged that most adolescent women are not aware of the significance of menstrual hygiene. They are also unaware of hygienic practices to observe. This can increase their chances of contracting a life-threatening disease. A study shows that about 45.74% of women still use old clothes for their periods instead of a menstrual pad. These clothes are unsterile, and they make women more susceptible to rashes and even infections. Poor menstrual hygiene has also made cervical cancer among the top-ranking cancers in Indian women. An awareness should be raised among women regarding the observation of proper menstrual hygiene and the use of sanitary pads in Singapore. For this purpose, awareness should be raised regarding menstrual pads and the practice of changing them regularly during one’s periods.

Innovating with PADEVE

PADEVE is a Singaporean sanitary pad brand that seeks to tear down all the taboos regarding periods jeopardizing female health for ages. With PADEVE, sanitary napkins are becoming increasingly accessible. It seeks to make women’s journey through their adolescence more pleasant and comfortable than ever before. With PADEVE, Singaporean women will be able to get their hands on menstrual pads during their periods to the greatest extent so far. PADEVE firmly believes that women should not compromise on comfort during their menstruation.

Products offered at PADEVE

Premium Sanitary Pads and Liners:

Menstruation pads and liners without any harmful chemicals or toxins. They don’t have any artificial coloring or fragrance.

PADEVE Trial Bundle:

To find out what suits you, there is also a trial pack available. It includes two Ultra liners, two Ultra Day, two Ultra night, and two packs of All night pads.

Aromatherapy eye pillow:

This eye pillow provides much-needed relaxation for the eyes. It contains Cassia seeds; a traditional Chinese medicine ingredient known to boost eyesight and treat eye problems. It has a light and calming lavender scent.

Hazardous Chemicals and their Effects

Sanitary pads are often made up of harmful chemicals that can have various harmful effects on women’s genitals.

That’s another reason why most women are wary of using sanitary pads. Some sanitary pads are notorious for using adhesives that can cause allergic reactions. Some women also complain of contact dermatitis caused by the adhesive part of sanitary pads they used. Women with sensitive skin are even more susceptible to getting these allergic reactions. And the chances of getting these reactions to increase when wearing scented pads.

Most brands promote scented sanitary pads to help women avoid the shame of smelling bad due to their period. Not only the claim that these scented sanitary pads transform the foul smell of periods into something more pleasant is false, but they also expose women to many other diseases. These artificial perfumes can cause bacterial vaginal infection and yeast infection. In few cases, it can also harm organs and can even become carcinogenic.

In addition, most sanitary products also contain volatile organic solvents such as dioxin, phthalate, formaldehyde, and even pesticide. These chemicals can cause dangerous outcomes in pregnant women. If pregnant women are exposed to these harmful chemicals, it can result in the premature birth of the newborns and sometimes even stillbirth. The newborns may even have congenital disabilities. It can also cause infertility in women. It can also cause heart and brain disorders in women exposed to them.

PADEVE: Free of all Risky Substance

PADEVE knows about all the risks these harmful chemicals can impose on female health. They deeply care about the health and hygiene of females. That is why they make sure that their products are free of any dangerous substance. Their’s pads are one of the finest sanitary pads in Singapore because the most premium quality material is used in the manufacturing process. They use a natural formula instead of artificial fragrance to reduce the foul period smell. They also contain traditional Chinese medicine in their lining to naturally reduce cramps associated with periods.

These are the herbs used in them:


To reduce menstrual cramps, the herb of motherwort is used. It is a well-researched ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an all-natural pain reliever and is used to alleviate period cramps. It also helps with PMS symptoms as it increases blood circulation throughout the body.


It is also an all-natural pain-reducing medicine. Borneol is one of the key ingredients in ointments.


Peppermint leaves are famous for their refreshing and pleasant smell. They are also being used to treat skin conditions and have anti-itch properties.


It is one of the most fundamental herbs of Chinese

medicine. It is beneficial for maintaining urinary tract and vaginal health. It can also treat skin diseases.

Fructus Cnidii:

It is an ingredient associated with enhancing comfort for its strong anti-itch properties. It can also treat skin rashes.

Why Choose ATOME?

All the wonderful products of PADEVE are available at ATOME. ATOME is an online payment method. It provides the opportunity to buy and pay whenever you want through installments. The best part is that it is an interest-free platform with no hidden charges. This buy now, pay later platform is one of the best online selling websites in Singapore. It provides the best opportunities to both buyers and sellers.


PADEVE offers the finest quality sanitary pads in Singapore. They use the most non-toxic ingredients in their manufacturing, and their products contain traditional Chinese medicine to ensure comfort. So, don’t waste more time and order these products now through ATOME.

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