Modern Bedroom Design Ideas For 2021

by Starry

Oct 26 2021

The decoration of a bedroom speaks about the personality of a person. A bedroom is a getaway where a person can express his feelings through the combination of different colors.

Loft Home Furniture:

Loft Home Furniture takes good care of your bedroom accessories and help you find beautiful designs in different categories. Furniture to design, they manage it all. However, Let’s discuss how one can decorate their room and make everyone utter a wow!

Choose Subtle Color 

While choosing your favorite color to be a part of your room, don’t forget the color theory. Select monochromatic tones instead of using bold primary colors. Gentle shades of green, lavender, and blue provide a soothing vibe, whereas jewel-toned hues give coziness to the mood. Deep pomegranate or toasty brown can suddenly uplift your energies. Using toned-down shades of your favorite color can provide amazing contrast. You can choose two color combinations for your bedroom wall.

Don’t Overlook the Ceiling 

Lying down on your bed and waiting for sleep, what is in front of your eyes? The ceiling of your room. It’s a fifth wall in the room, so what design is it, a subtle one or patterned? It is recommended to paint it slightly lighter than the surrounding wall color. This provides the space above you and provides you with the feeling of intimacy and comfort as it provides a view of a lowered ceiling.

Moreover, you can apply wallpaper or some paint decoration treatment on your roof to beautify your ceiling. Furthermore, you can also add architectural elements. For a better treatment, you can add a canopy on your bed or hang your dressing with the ceiling that adds to the sensuality through the warmth of different textures, colors, and designs. Moreover, you can also add a medallion or crystal chandelier to the fifth wall above you.

Keep the Bedroom Simple 

Regardless of how much you decorate your room. It should not appear showy, rather look decent, elegant, and simple. Your room should not be packed with furniture. At the distance of at least two feet from the bed, there should be no furniture like a dresser or tables, and the bed should be distanced at least 3 feet from the walls. This should be done to ensure ease of movement.

Don’t stuff up your bedroom with heavy furniture; only use what you really need. Like, the necessities of a bedroom include a bed, two side tables, a dresser, a table, and one or two chairs. A couch is an extra thing that you can add if your room is spacious enough. The rest of the furniture is just clutter. You can keep your drawers in your closet if you need them. Select some of your amazing pictures to artwork to embellish your walls.

Choose the Right Size Furniture 

Done with the ceiling and color combination? It’s time to select the furniture for your room. When choosing the table, first take measures of your bedroom and hypothetically consider the look of your room with your desired furniture. Consider the space and look for the appropriate furniture, which should not look over the area. It should exactly fit in the space.

If your room lacks enough space, you don’t need to look for a king-size bed; you can choose a small compact bed and a dresser. But, if your bedroom is spacious enough, choosing close furniture will not go with its look. Choose the furniture that fits it. You can add chairs and coffee tables with some pieces of furniture on the other side of the bed. Small accessories will appear lost in a large bedroom.

Have Plenty of Storage 

To have a tidy and calm appearance in your room, you need to keep little things or clutter out of sight. For this, you need to have plenty of storage options where you can organize your items.

For this purpose, you need to select some spacious bedside tables. Make sure that side tables of your bed have drawers where you may keep your important things like books, glasses, cell phone charger, night cream to keep these things within reach but out of sight at night.

You can use some storage bench which you can place at the outside of your bed. This can help you store your bed sheets etc.

You can also enhance the storage by having a storage bed with drawers below the foam. Moreover, you can also have a headboard or sliding panels or built-in shelves in your bed for keeping accessories.

Include a Private Nook 

Love reading? Include a private corner in your room where you can spend your leisure time reading a book while having evening coffee sitting on a couch or comfortable chair. If your room has some windows, get that nook near it.

Indulge in Luxurious Linens 

Embellish your bedroom with eye-catching fabrics. Get simple and decent bed sheets with contrasts using solids and prints.

Cover the Windows 

Have a window in your room? Enhance its beauty with some amazing curtain dressing. Use blinders to maintain privacy and block sunlight while having a midday nap.

Include Several Lighting Options 

Lighting in a room plays a very important role in enhancing the room’s look, and good lighting makes the room appear spacious. Get several lighting options and lamps to improve vision while reading. You should get a separate switch for each light so that you can eliminate only the desired area.

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